Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow Review

Hi Makeup Geeks!

I hope your week has been great and that you are ready for Fall! I had some of you request to review the new Stila Foil Finish Eyeshadows as they’re a pretty unique product and are super intense!  So here’s my thoughts on them and some pictures.  Have a great weekend!


Stila Pigments 04

The Stats:

  • A highly pigmented metallic cream shadow
  • Comes in 12 different colors
  • Size is .07 ounce and includes a mixing tray and mini liquid primer
  • Can be applied with your fingers alone, or mixed with primer for a more intense finish
  • Appears like a foil finish to the eyes

Stila Pigments 06


  • Intensely pigmented and super creamy
  • Gives a beautiful foil finish to the eyes
  • Unique product
  • Comes in many different colors

Stila Pigments 02


  • The price ($32- ouch!)
  • Extremely messy to work with
  • Not practical for every day use as the colors are intense PLUS the texture is super metallic.  One or the other would have been best
  • Leaves behind a glitter, and is difficult to remove from the skin.  Leaves a stain with some of the colors

Stila Pigments 08

Price:   $32 for .07 ounce

Where to Buy:    Sephora  .  Amazon  

Stila Pigments_Swacthes

In general, I feel like I would pass on these even though they are such a unique product!  If you’re a hard core makeup geek, then buy 1 or 2 just to experiment with them.  But I feel like these will sit in my drawer unused as they are too difficult to work with and hard to remove from the skin, plus the price is a bit much for just one eyeshadow.

That’s my opinion anyways 😉

What’s your thoughts?  Take it or leave it???

See you on next post

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