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cool gifts for teens

I’m sorry, I fell down spectacularly with teen gifts this year. Perhaps because I did a “kids and babies” one and that took up most of my brain space. So here are a few bits and bobs that I thought might be appealing to the girl who likes cool, graphic stuff rather than pretty pastels and cupcakes and kittens. (Nothing wrong with kittens, I hasten to add: love them myself. Just not everyone does. The obsession with cupcakes I do not get, however.)

This post should come with a warning: I do seem to have gone for style over budget with a few of these items! So I’ve broadened the horizons and made this a post for everyone who requires non-kitten non-pastel gift ideas. Problem solved. There’s something for every budget…

Starting with the smallest budget: currently on offer at Superdrug, a can of the very finest non-white-dusty dry shampoo that money can buy. If I may say so myself. (It has my name on it, in case you’re new to A Model Recommends!) A styling essential, especially if you suffer from lank hair or flat roots. Colab London is currently £2.32 here.

nuuna nothing to see here

The “Nothing to See Here” notepad is from Nuuna here – it’s a bit posh with its soft leather binding and black-edged pages, but I’ve included it because a) it looked great in my flatlay and b) everything from Nuuna is gorgeous and differently priced, so you can have a browse and see what fits your budget. This is special, stylish stationery at non-Bond-street prices and I love it.

Little pot of sporty-coloured snag-free hair ties: £5.50 from Hershesons here – XMAS20 gets you 20% off.

The candle is from Bella Freud and is part of a set of four (featured earlier in the week here): I joked that I don’t condone splitting luxury candle sets, but these are very cool and the scents are lovely and fresh and non-stuffy. You can also get full-sized versions, which I would imagine are slightly better value for money. I would stop and work it out, price per gram, but I am typing like some kind of dervish in an attempt to get this finished before Masterchef starts. Bella Freud at Cult Beauty

skull lip balm

The Capital Vices Skull Lip Balm from BeautyMart is a great little stocking filler (do you know, I’m beginning to really hate the term “stocking filler”!): the texture of the balm is really very lovely, which was unexpected because I did think that they might have put all of their efforts into the packaging! This one is minty, I think there’s a passion fruit flavour too. Find it here – £8.50.

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