Sunday Tittle Tattle: Brace Yourselves.

baby bump 38 weeks

1) Could this be the last Sunday Tittle Tattle for a while? Brace yourselves: it’s entirely possible! I’m 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow and so really, Baby AMR could emerge at any time. (I like the word “emerge” rather than “pop out” – it sounds gentler and far less painful. Like the head will just serenely appear and we will all smile and coo and I can play The Circle of Life from The Lion King through my iPod speakers. Brilliant.) Anyway; as always I will endeavour to provide you with regular, brilliant quality (ha!) content, and I have loads of interesting posts and videos scheduled in advance, it’s just the Sunday Tittle Tattles that may prove to be a pain. I like them to be current and so I write them only a day or two in advance – that may not be possible if I’m simultaneously trying to learn the art of breastfeeding and trying to press frozen sanitary pads onto my sore bits. If you miss me and you want to find out what’s going on (mostly with my breasts and sore bits, I’d imagine) then please do bookmark my other blog, The Uphill. You can subscribe to the email feed and it’ll notify you when I’ve written something worthy and original.

neom intensive skin treatment candle

2) Random beauty mention, just in case I don’t manage to test this out pre-baby-madness; NEOM’s new Intensive Skin Treatment Candles. Now these “beauty” candles aren’t a new concept – Oskia do a gorgeous Rose de Mai one and I’ve seen a couple of others about, but…HELLO! Look at the packaging on this beauty! Absolutely knock-out. Very luxe and impressive and I can imagine that the product itself won’t disappoint; the Scent to Sleep version has been formulated to soothe and nourish very dry skin and there’s the highest possible concentration of essential oils blended in to give the ultimate aromatherapy hit. A sleepy hit, I’m guessing from the name of this treatment – I can’t wait to try it. You can find more details on the NEOM website here.


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