Sunday Tittle Tattle: Coming Up Empty

I’ve had total and utter brain-fry this week. It’s the first time that this has happened to me in a serious way, where I can’t seem form proper sentences or kickstart the creative side of my head, and it has not been fun.  Luckily I had my blog posts scheduled, more or less, so I switched off my various bits of technology and tried to take a step back from the internet and de-fry myself.

And I’ve had “body-fry” too, if that’s even a thing – I’ve been quite ill and exhausted and have spent most of the week in bed feeling sorry for myself and trying not to drink too much fizzy Ribena. (Mr AMR started the fizzy Ribena thing off and now it’s become our evening treat. Honestly! You’d think we were both five! And now we’re both completely addicted. It’s very unsophisticated.)

I’ll make an educated guess that the brain-fry and body-fry are linked – I’m so unbelievably tired and can’t seem to get on top of things at the moment. That holiday I was dreaming about a couple of weeks ago? Now would be nice. I don’t even want to go very far. In fact I might just go on holiday in my own house – turn off all forms of communication, order loads of nice food in and pray that the sun comes out and I can sunbathe in the garden. That would be utter bliss. The thought of actually going on holiday, with all of the packing and baby-stuff-sorting and worrying about whether it’s too hot abroad or if the ice cubes are made from tap water or if a scary spider might crawl into the travel cot… I’d need a holiday to recover from the holiday.

Anyway, a video for you – very appropriately, seeing as though I’ve spent the entire week trying to think of things to write and coming up empty, it’s an “Empties” video. I haven’t done one of these in a while, but it’s basically a long ramble about the beauty products I’ve managed to finish off. (Doesn’t happen often when you have so many things to test all of the time, so I save the empty bottles and tubes in a big bag in the bathroom cupboard where they inevitably leak their last drops, go all sticky and get dust and hairs stuck to them.) Some are products that I like, some I’m not fussed about and some are hero products that I’ll definitely be restocking in the near future. Do enjoy – it’s quite a long video, so you may want to watch it as you have breakfast in bed or your late morning coffee! Just a serving suggestion….


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