Sunday Tittle Tattle: Home Visits and Cat Cuddling

blow ltd app

1) My run of “beauty at home” experiences continues: first was the home pregnancy massage from Home Spa London (read that post here) and then came a little visit from the fast blow-dry girls at Blow Ltd. Blow have a new “Fast Beauty To Go” app that allows you to quickly book a beauty appointment (blow-dry, makeup, nails) at your own home or in the office. It’s available to anyone in London Zones 1 and 2, or you can use the app to book an appointment at one of the flagship beauty bars in Covent Garden or Canary Wharf.

blow ltd menu

There’s a really handy “menu” of looks to choose from (I particularly like the fact that I can ask to “look like myself” as I modelled for the menu last year!) and appointments can take as little as 2 mins. You can find the app by searching “Blow Ltd” at the app store.

Blow Ltd

british shorthair cream cat

2) I found this photo that my Mum took a few weeks ago and it made me really want to see Mr Bear again! I miss him loads. He’s such a cuddly little chap and I think he would have enjoyed curling up on top of my baby bump. Though he’s probably a bit too heavy for that – I’d get instant heartburn. I might be popping up to visit him again in the next few days so I’ll be sure to take a load of new pictures.

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