Sunday Tittle Tattle: Masculine Houses and Lovely Little Treasures

You may have gathered, from seeing the odd flash of house in the backgrounds of my videos and photographs, that my taste in interiors is – what would be traditionally considered to be – rather masculine. I tend to favour warm woods and clean lines and darker colours over anything that could be considered pretty. Rosewood, leather, slate; smoked glass and tinted mirror; textured walls, simple, modern bed linen. I see interiors online that I love – bright white spaces with airy curtains billowing in the breeze – but no matter how hard I try to be a bit less…Tom Ford with things, we still end up with most of our rooms looking as though they’ve been lifted from a book on mid century interiors. Which is fitting, I suppose, in a mid century house…

Anyway, to cut a long and rambling monologue short: in a moment of desperate need for some pretty, feminine things in my life, I started rummaging about collecting nice trinkets and beautiful bits and bobs from my beauty stash. And then I realised that it was going to be Valentine’s Day so I arranged them with some love-themed stuff for good measure.

As you do.

I found it all very therapeutic, really. Until the dog wandered over and – literally – belched over my still life set-up. On Thursday he came into the house carrying a whole dead bird so I suppose I have to be grateful that nothing fell out of his mouth, but still. I need an undisturbed weekend in a frou-frou hotel suite with a bright bathroom, sans pets and…male things. The baby can come, she’s a total doll.

valentines gifts rose themed

Anyway, my girly stuff. I’ve been sniffing the new Roger & Gallet Rose Balm (above) all weekend and the clean, minimalist Rose de Grasse range from Aerin is just amazing. One of those scents that makes everything seem right with the world. The Rose Mask from Fresh is a slightly odd one; a cool gel mask with pure rosewater that tones and hydrates. I’ve been using it for months and still sitting on the fence – I love the feel of it and it would be amazing as a post-beach treatment, but it’s so different to other masks I’ve used I find it difficult to come to any real conclusions on its effectiveness! I shall attempt to jot down some notes this week in my Love Love Love notebook!

valentines gifts

And here’s minimalist gold and beige edit: I found this one particularly satisfying to photograph. Lots of bright white, very cleansing for the brain, I find. I had just tidied the bedroom so I think that this picture reflects my state of mind. The Cosmic Love card is £2.50 from Ohh Deer. Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum, which seems to be a favourite with almost everyone I know: £49 House of Fraser. If you’re a Mademoiselle fan then there is something incredibly delicious coming out in a couple of weeks – I’ll update you. The Star Charm Necklace was a very kind gift from a client a year or so ago, you can find it at Luis Miguel Howard if it tickles your fancy.

I’m off to enjoy the day of lurve. Actually, it’s my Mum’s birthday, so I’m off to eat cake, but kind of the same thing. Bisous!

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