Sunday Tittle Tattle: Mouth Breathing and the Cone of Shame

how to unstuff your nose

1) I have spent an entire week breathing through my mouth because I still have the world’s most persistent cold. Honestly, it’s becoming very distracting. I’ve taken to sipping water every five seconds to stop the inside of my throat drying out – I feel like I need to install a kind of mini sprinkler system in my mouth! (Actually, why has nobody designed something like that for when you have a cold? Something that coats the inside of your mouth with an edible moisturiser? If you see me on Dragons’ Den next year….) Anyway, I have bought this Vicks humidifier thing from Amazon and I’m hoping that’ll work – if you’re at all curious as to which one it is, you can find it here. Have any of you used a humidifier before? Tips and tricks please, if you have any. I have no idea how to use one – I’m assuming it’s a bit like a steam iron and you just fill it up and plug it in?


2) I also have a new pillow to test – and this is no ordinary pillow, either. This is (apparently) “the most luxurious and supportive pillow in the world”, the Knightsbridge pillow from The London Pillow Company. I don’t know whether you can see from the photograph, but it is literally about the same thickness as a mattress. I think (I’m skim-reading the pamphlet here) that you take out layers from inside the casing to suit your body shape. Hold on – it all depends on the broadness of your shoulders, if you lie on your side, which I do. Interesting! I’ll let you know how I get on and how many layers I end up using – if I have a head that looks as though it’s been stuck on at a right angle in my next video, you’ll know why! You can take a look at the Knightsbridge pillow here.


3) Pets. Dexter has entered a new phase of his recovery called “Cone of Shame”. He itched his neck so much that he caused an infection and so now he is wearing a silly plastic collar and bumping into every piece of furniture as he bumbles around the house. Mr Bear, below, only seems even more dignified in comparison – here he is appraising the new pillow. He thinks it’s his new bed and has already done a bit of a test.


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