Sunday Tittle Tattle: Pets and Piercings

ear piercing

I have a new vlog for you to watch – it’s quite random, but I’ve included some gratuitous pet and baby footage to sweeten the pill. I went to get my ears re-pierced but things didn’t quite work out the way I thought they would…

Talking of gratuitous pet footage; I have been trying to film the cat and dog doing stupid and/or interesting things, this week, but they have been failing to perform. By interesting I don’t mean that I expect them to construct a scale model of the Clifton Suspension Bridge or anything like that; just roll over or pat a ball across the floor or – and this is hardly an ask – stare whimsically out into the garden as raindrops stream artfully down the windowpane. But no. They have spent the majority of the week lounging about on the rug or (the cat) sleeping on chairs. Must be the weather.

ruth crilly's cat

Not that I expect my pets to perform for me – please don’t get me wrong. I just wanted to capture some “f.u.n.” clips for a video I’m working on. At the moment it’s looking like a photo slideshow – you’d hardly know it was video if it wasn’t for my shaky camerawork!

Not to bore you with pet stuff (sorry pet-free people) but I have finally managed to train the cat not to claw on our leather dining chairs. Hurrah, success. I’ve been rewarding him with a Dreamie treat every time he goes to his cat tree and scratches on the post and now, if he goes to scratch a chair, he sort of looks around himself and seems to suddenly remember that there’s a better option. I am aware that giving cats Dreamies is probably the equivalent of feeding toddlers Red Bull or something, but hey. It’s only occasional and it saves me having to commission someone to make little protective gloves for his paws. (Is there a market for that?! Mum, I’ve found you a new hobby!)

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