Sunday Tittle Tattle: Temporarily Reunited…

mr bear

1) I was temporarily reunited with Mr Bear this weekend when I went up to visit my parents. He spent much of the time looking incredibly grumpy and the rest of it sleeping. Though when I think back, those are his usual default modes, really, so I mustn’t get paranoid about it! We had a good few cuddles, too, and he jumped on my face at 7am and headbutted me so hard I thought that he might have broken my nose. Happy days – I can’t wait until he’s home for good, though I think that my parents will miss him. They have turned into fully-fledged crazy cat people, carrying him around in shopping bags and “conversing with him” using a little series of squeaks and miaows…

mr bear

2) I do hope that everyone is doing something nice over the Easter weekend; my idea of nice, at the moment, is lying in a pile of big cushions with a face mask on and my feet raised, reading my Kindle. I’m currently reading The Girl Who Fell From The Sky by Simon Mawer (£4.31 on Amazon here) because my Mum recommended it to me. It’s very good – as is The Glass Room, also by Mawer (find that here). Both set in World War 2, but very different books – The Girl Who Fell follows a spy-in-the-making who parachutes into France to deliver a special message to her ex-crush, and The Glass Room follows the story of a house – built for newlyweds but then occupied by many different people once the Jewish family are forced to flee and the World War takes grip on the country. Great (if poignant and sometimes sad) reads. I must do a big book update soon because I’ve been racing through them recently! Enjoy your long weekend – if you’re bored and stuck for something to do, you can read all of the previous Sunday Tittle Tattle posts here! 


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