Sunday Tittle Tattle: Wally, Waldo and Visible Germ Trajectories

ruth crilly red magazine

1) I’m featured in Red Magazine Online this week talking about top beauty tips. You can take a little look here – just a small mention, but I’m always happy to pop up in magazines and I hardly ever remember to tell anyone about it! So yes, Red Magazine, beauty tip, here.

dexter cockapoo dog

2) Short and sweet post, today, because I have a terrible sore throat and cold and I KNOW I picked it up from travelling on the tube when a gross man sneezed all over the place without covering his mouth and nose. Ugh! I hid in my scarf and held my breath but to no avail, I could almost see the germs whizzing towards me! I might start travelling by airtight bubble. Anyway, pets: we’ve been doing a spot of dressing-up with Dexter this week (above) because someone very kindly sent me a “Where’s Wally” dog costume (it had Where’s Waldo printed on the packet, so I thought that Waldo might have been Wally’s dog’s name. But no. Waldo is the US version of Wally, apparently. Thank you to Onya for coming to my rescue on Instagram!). And so here’s Dexter in his hat and glasses, above, and Mr Bear asleep, below. Nothing new there…

mr bear british shorthair cat

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