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Tanya Burr Cosmetics Face Illuminator
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Body Illuminator
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Birthday Suit’
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Midnight Smoulder’
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Cheek Illuminator in ‘Golden Girl’
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Cheek Illuminator in ‘Holiday Happiness’
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Cheek Illuminator in ‘Forever Summer’
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipstick in ‘Birthday Cake’
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipstick in ‘Happily Ever After’
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipstick in ‘Central Park’
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipstick in ‘Wild Safari’
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipstick in ‘Big Kiss’
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipstick in ‘Pink Cocoa’

How To Pair Your Eyeshadows Like a Pro

Today I am going to show you how to pair eyeshadows together to create tons of looks. For many of us, it can be confusing when we are looking at a palette of colors to try and figure out which ones work best together and which ones won’t. This tutorial will help you to learn which colors, finishes and combination work best together and hopefull help aid you in picking which shades to choose from.

Three Basic Rules of Pairing Eyeshadows Together

  1. Always include a neutral –  Using a neutral eyeshadow along any brighter shades you may use will keep the look more wearable and tone down the overall look.
  2. Always mix your finishes – Eyeshadows come in finishes, shimmer and matte. Using all shimmer on your eyes will make you look like a disco ball while using just matte finish eyeshadows will look to flat. Using a combination of both with give depth and detail to the look.
  3. Use a light, medium and dark color – A mixture of these three, regardless of the color scheme, will give you a well rounded look with a lot of dimension.

Skin Tone Shades

Now we can move on to blending shades. You always need to have a couple of shades that can be used for blending that are close to your skin color. One a matte finish and one with a shimmer finish. The matte one you will use under the browbone to blend out any harsh lines, the shimmer will be used to highlight under the browbone or in the inner corner to open the eye and make it appear lighter.

  • Fair Skin – Vanilla Bean (matte finish), Shimma Shimma (shimmer finish)
  • Medium Skin – Creme Brule (matte finish), Purely Naked (shimmer finish)
  • Dark Skin – Latte or Cocoa Bear for very dark skin (matte finishes), Glamorous (shimmer finish)

Below is a guide that gives you different kinds of color combinations that you all can put together. There are two ways of doing this Monochromatic Looks and Polychromatic Looks.

Monochromatic Looks

These are where you take one color in varying shades and do a look based on just that color.

This look incorporates a light, medium and dark pink. The dark goes on the outer part of the eye, the medium pink on the middle of the eye and the light pink goes in the inner portion of the eye. Blend together this gives you an overall pink look.

This is a traditional dark brown smokey eye. This is where you take a dark brown and place it on the lid, a medium brown in the crease, and a light brown or tan color right above the crease to blend the colors out.

U.S. prestige eye makeup market grew 9 per cent in 2013

Sales of prestige eye makeup products in the US grew 9 per cent, to US$ 1.1 billion in the twelve months ending December 2013, compared to the same time period last year, the The NPD Group reports.

While fragrance sales remained flat last year, skincare and makeup were the main contributors of the U.S. prestige beauty market growth, revealedThe NPD Group. Eye makeup products, in particular, benefited from consumers’ growing interest in less traditional items.

In a dynamic U.S. prestige beauty market [1] that grew by 5 per cent in 2013, makeup experienced healthy gains of 7 per cent, with sales of prestige eye products reaching US$ 1.1 billion (+9% compared to 2012).

Long wear claims drove sales

US consumers are embracing the art of eye makeup with the addition of products that go beyond the usual staples to their beauty tool boxes,” said Karen Grant, vice president and senior global industry analyst, The NPD Group Inc. “Today, less traditional items are emerging in importance. Eye brow products are leading growth and, in the larger segments within eye, enhanced benefits are the aspects fuelling increases.

For instance, multi-benefit (+9%), volumizing (+11%), and long wear (+18%) products helped to drive the 2013 dollar sales growth in prestige mascara. Primarily, eyeliner growth came from pencils (+7%), long wear (+11%), and waterproof options (+10%). “Long wear is a theme that carried throughout eye makeup, showing sales growth in the eye brow products (+21%), and shadow (+9%) as well,” highlighted the market research firm.

Price increases

In general, the average selling price of prestige eye makeup was 3 per cent higher in the 12 months ending December 2013 than it was in the prior year. Eye shadow (+6%), brow (+4%), and liner (+3%) products experienced the largest increases in average selling price. With the exception of mascara, long wear products are garnering higher average selling prices than their counterparts in all segments.

Definition that lasts is important to today’s beauty consumer, looking to enhance their eyes with minimal repeat application, and they are willing to pay more to get it,” added Karen Grant. “It has long been said that ’our eyes have the ability to make a statement without saying a word’ – eye defining makeup just turns up the volume.

Preview, Photos: L’Oréal Paris Féria Wild Ombré Kit – How To Do Ombre Haircolor Highlights At Home

Preview, Photos: L’Oréal Paris Féria Wild Ombré - How To Do Ombre Haircolor Highlights At Home

Take a walk on the wild side with Féria’s new Wild Ombré, the first at-home coloring system designed to create one of the hottest, most sought-after hair color trends: the Ombré effect.

Ombré haircolor is the new way to add light and contrast to your hair by lightening only the lengths and ends, creating a gradated dark to light effect. This is the first time the Ombré look will be achievable through at-home coloring. Best of all, results can be achieved in just 25 – 45 minutes, depending upon preferred intensity.

Preview, Photos: L’Oréal Paris Féria Wild Ombré - How To Do Ombre Haircolor Highlights At Home
Preview, Photos: L’Oréal Paris Féria Wild Ombré - How To Do Ombre Haircolor Highlights At Home

L’Oréal Paris’ innovation employs a three-part lightening system plus patented Expert Brush that work together to achieve this modern new take on highlights. This brush-on technique allows women to easily create ombré effects ranging from subtle and sexy to bold and edgy. The system contains a Lightening Powder, a Lightening Crème and a Crème Developer to provide an enhanced lightening experience for the perfect Ombré look.

Price: $12.99, Available in three shades at and chain drug, food and mass market retailers beginning in January 2013.

What do you lovely ladies think of this easy-to-achieve, at-home Ombré-in-a-box look? Will you be changing up your hair for the new year? Let us know by commenting below, which will automatically be posted to our Community Forum (click here to check it out!) where you can find other beauty related discussions! Don’t forget to also submit a photo to our Photo Of The Day (click here!) feature, where a new photo will be picked daily. Your photo just might be selected, so get going!

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Ecologic cosmetics

Linda Nicolau, founder of Ecologic by Linda Nicolau S.L. (1993), Ecologic Natural Spa and Ecologic Cosmetics, started her career in the beauty world and spas over 30 years ago.

After working for a tour operator in the world of tourism and collaborating in the design and management of a hotel in Spain, Linda Nicolau – born in Great Britain – returned to the United Kingdom where, having trained and begun her career in beauty therapies, was invited by Max Factor to form part of their sales team. She would later accept the role of executive in the Estée Lauder group and after training in the Harrods department stores in London, became the executive responsible for the south of England and Wales within the business. Eventually, Linda returned to Spain and opened her first beauty salon, Salón Venus, on the island of Mallorca. This small day spa soon became successful and within a short time became well known among the elite of Palma. After accepting a very tempting offer for the sale of her business, Linda founded her own cosmetic import company, Belleza Moderna S.A. As owner and manager of the business, she distributed well known cosmetics and fragrances such as Ultra-Glow, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, La Perla, Heathcote & Ivory…selling to important perfume shops and department stores all over Spain, including El Corte Inglés.

Caring for your Beauty, Caring for our World

The Ecologic Cosmetics by Linda Nicolau brand consists of natural facial and body products. These are manufactured combining traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technology and high quality, carefully selected ingredients which provide the skin withprogressive, lasting and effective results. The product packaging, which is sustainable and ecological is designed using PET recycled plastic bottles, glass pots, recycled and reusable outer carton containers printed with vegetable based ink, etc. It is labeled in English, Spanish, French and German.


Here are some practical ideas to reuse the packaging of Ecologic Cosmetics’ creams and facial treatments. Created to protect its content from the sunlight and manufactured in recycled carton and paper, our “tube-shaped” boxes can be turned into atractive vintage-style containers for our bathroom. All you have to do is remove the the label and, voilà!

Due to her passion for the world of beauty and her interest in the environment, Linda decided to create her own brand of natural, high quality cosmetics. The range cares for nature and ecology, and avoids unnecessary wastage in packaging. After many years of research and development with specialist chemists, the brand Ecologic Cosmetics by Linda Nicolau was born; an effective, environmentally friendly and sophisticated natural cosmetic line that currently consists of over 30 references.

In September 2003, Linda and her daughter, Alexandra, opened an exclusive, luxury Spa in Mallorca, Spain, as a showroom for their Ecologic Natural Spa franchise. Since then they have collaborated and launched many Spas and carried out training programmes for therapists and beauticians all over Spain and Andorra. At present, they manage 17 spas throughout Spain and have launched the Ecologic Cosmetics, Beauty & Lifestyle Store franchise.