Jo Malone London ‘Great British Summer Fete’ Collection

With the summer months come an excuse to embrace all that the world of scent has to offer; it’s an opportunity to hang up those rich and moody fragrances in favour of something lighter, more energising and reminiscent of time in the sunshine – whether that’s in the UK or abroad. Although we’ve become accostomed to a summertime scent including citrus or tropical notes that remind us of beach days and lazy afternoons in European destinations, with the pandemic forcing us to look closer to home for a getaway it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace notes that are a little more homegrown. And Jo Malone’s ‘Great British Summer Fete’ collection is the antidote we all need this year.

Inspired by the country fetes that we all experienced in childhood (and more so in adulthood as they’re making a comeback!) the collection nods beautifully to the gingham tablecloths and freshly baked goods often found on offer. Orange Peel, Tangy Rhubarb, Elderflower Cordial, Rose Blush and one of my favourites from the permenant line Blackberry & Bay (I wore this on my wedding day,) make up the five piece collection – and it’s one of my favourite limited edition ranges of all time.

Not only do the bottles feel incredibly special and totally different from what you’d expect from Jo Malone London, but the scents within are so smile-inducing that it’s going to be tough to stop using them when we hit the colder months. Elderflower is one of my favourite scents (and flavours) so it’s no surprise I utterly adore the concoction that’s just the right amount of sweetness; it’s not sickly sweet, but instead more of a comforting and uplifting scent that wafts for hours to the enjoyment of everyone around me.

Over the weekend I walked in the woods with my Nan, who pointed out a huge elderflower tree and told me stories of using the flowers to make award-winning wine in her youth. Moments later she asked what ‘beautiful perfume’ I was wearing as she kepy catching a delicate hint as we wandered through the overgrowth; the fact it was Jo Malone Elderflower Cordial was the best kind of coincidence and an even better endorsement for the spritz I’d applied that morning.

The Rose Blush scent is also a beautifully delicate embodiment of the roses that adorn a typical British countryside garden; a slightly sweet modern interpretation, it’s a great way to wear floral without it being heavy or ‘old fashioned’. Rose has been given a hard time in recent years, but this is a whisper of a fragrance that makes an ideal daily scent that would work beautifully when layered as much as it stands out when worn alone.

Although I’ve yet to try the Orange Peel or Tangy Rhubarb, they sound just as divine – and I’m sure I’d wear either in a heartbeat. And I’m already a huge fan of the Blackberry & Bay, as I wore it over English Pear and Freesia on my wedding day; it still reminds me of the early Autumn day we said our vows and the countryside barn we spent our reception in, so will forever have a special place in my heart.

This is a collection I fell in love with from the very first spritz, and one that will sure to find itself in the Jo Malone hall of fame for years to come.

Discover the Jo Malone ‘Great British Summer Fete’ Collection HERE

Each 30ml scent is priced £55.00 – build your own duo or trio in a collectable tin for free!

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Three Great Independent British Candle Brands To Support This Springtime

Candlelight has transformative powers; the gentle flickering warm hues can make even the coldest of spaces feel more welcoming, while soothing away many of the worries that may be on our minds. What may often seem like a little indulgence reserved for the chillier months can actually be something to be enjoyed all year round, offering not only a restorative emotional quality – but helping to effortlessly fill a space and offer a delicate scent too. I’ve always got a candle on the go, no matter where in the house (don’t underestimate the power of garden candles either!) I am; although some of my most used and favourite brands are recognisable and relatively mainstream, I do like to dabble in ‘under the radar’ names that bring something extra special to my surroundings. Often an independent brand will be offering something unexpected and truly evocative, as well as allowing you to support someone’s dream… And these three independent British candle brands do all that and more.

Three Great Independent British Candle Brands To Support

Naomi Joy Living (£29.00)

I’m not even sure how or where I discovered this brand, but I’m definitely glad I did. The scents themselves feature unusual but evocative combinations (such as Wisteria & White Tea, Lemongrass & Lime and Pineapple & Pomelo) that burn to leave a subtle lingering scent in any room, but for me it’s the quirky names and packaging that’s an unexpected delight. I bought myself a F*?king Fabulous candle (Rose & Pink Pepper) just because it made me smile and I thought I needed the mojo boost, but the scent is so delicious I’ve gone back for more – my mum received a ‘Mother Like No Other’ candle for Mother’s Day, while my mates will certainly be receiving these for future birthday celebrations. The candles are hand-poured and manufactured in Britain too.

Three Great Independent British Candle Brands To Support

2204 Candles* (£24.00)

Created by a “6’2, broad shouldered, shaved head, tattooed, Scottish” ex-music tour manager, 2204 is not what you’d expect from your usual candle brand. The dark jars set the scene for scents that linger in a sultry and intense way, holding combinations of unexpected and traditionally more masculine notes that make this a great brand for anyone sick of florals. With scents on offer that include Cuban Cigar & Cognac, Smoked Oak & French Vanilla and Espresso & Pala Santo, 2204 Candles is refreshing and somewhat unique; as soon as I light my candle I know the room will be filled with something soothing on the soul. All the candles are 100% vegan, cruelty free and sustainable – and they’re made using ethically sourced soy wax, carefully selected scented oils and fully recyclable packaging. I’ve got my eye on the Summer Cherry & Gurbandi Almond for summer!

Three Great Independent British Candle Brands To Support

Crosskey Avenue* (£39.00)

Each of the candles is inspired by a destination that left a mark on the founder, underpinning the pure passion for creating scents that bring about an emotional connection or that have transformative powers; who doesn’t want to be transported to a tropical island as soon as they light the wick? Langkawi, inspired by Malaysia’s tropical island, contains exotic frangipani, milky coconut, fresh lemongrass and sandalwoodto provide the perfect combination of depth and freshness. Not only does it look beautiful, thanks to the frosted glass container, but its subtle scent lingers even when it’s not being actively burned. The candles are made in England, contain the highest quality soy blended wax, are sustainable and recyclable – with the outer boxes made using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cardboard.

Three Great Independent British Candle Brands To Support

Lighting up a candle really can make everything seem so much better… So why not do it with style!

Which of these three independent British candle brands would you most like to see on your coffee table?

Get the most of your candle with my top tips on How To Look After A Candle Properly.

Discover 8 Amazing Ways To Re-Use Your Candle Jar when you’re done burning.

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Jo Malone Addict? 8 Super Handy Ways To Re-Use Your Candle Jar

As a teenager I was captivated by the magic of candlelight; I covered every surface in brightly coloured and sickly scented waxes I found on market stalls and from the ‘hippy shop’ that’s been in my hometown since the dawn of time. Even though my tastes have somewhat progressed since then, as an adult I find them a crucial part of every room and a little indulgence I don’t compromise on. Bringing a subtle flicker during a chilly evening, as well as a scent that either comforts or invigorates the mind, candles are definitely a modern phenomenon – especially the expensive ones. Millions of luxury jars are sold every year, with the UK being apparently the biggest consumer of them in Europe, and they’re proudly displayed on coffee tables until the very last burn.

8 Amazing Ways To Re-use Your Candle Jar (Jo Malone London)

I do love a luxe candle, with Jo Malone London being one of my favourite brands (I do also love a classic Yankee Candle, Molton Brown for richness, Neom for calming moments and so many smaller and independant brands for something different.) But when you’re spending forty odd quid on a candle it’s almost painful to chuck away the glass jar when it’s finished – especially if it looks as pretty as the JML ones do. I’ve long been known to re-use candle jars as a way to make the most of the investment while bringing an unexpected twist to my home decor, and right now is the perfect time to ‘make do and mend’.

If you fancy re-using your candle jars, then the easiest way to clean them up after you can’t get any more burn is to pop them in the freezer; leaving them for 24hrs hardens the wax and allows you (with a firm tap) to release it from the bottom. Pop your jar either in the dishwasher or give it a good clean out with soapy water if there’s a label you don’t want to damage, and you’re good to go. And once you’ve done that, here are a handful of ways you can put those old candle pots to good use and re-use your candle jar in a creative and luxurious way…

8 Amazing Ways To Re-use Your Candle Jar (Jo Malone London)

1. Store your makeup brushes. The perfect way to tidy up your brushes while looking fabulous; the pot is just the right width and depth to hold pretty much my entire daily collection.

2. Pop in cotton pads, buds or contact lenses. It’s a pretty and more convenient way to store all those messy bits and bobs that are lingering in your bathroom or on your dressing table.

3. Use it as a bedside tidy. Keep all your bedside essentials in one place – ear plugs, lip balm, tablets and so on.

4. Decant your bath salts. If you’ve got massive bags of Epsom salts that take up too much space, decant a little into a candle jar and proudly have them on display.

5. Add some flowers. A makeshift vase for either freshly picked or fake flowers; such a simple but effective idea that can really lift a simple space.

6. Re-use it as a candle holder. Keeping it simple, why not add a tealight or pillar candle to breathe new life into your favourite jars once again.

7. Store matches or lighters. Rather than having them stuffed in a drawer or in tatty old boxes, decant your matches or pop your favourite lighters into a jar to keep them looking part of your candle display.

8. Use it as an accessories pot. Tidy up your most worn pieces of jewellery or accessories (I’m thinking hair clips and slides too) and put them in one place.

8 Amazing Ways To Re-use Your Candle Jar (Jo Malone London)

Have you ever re-used a pretty candle pot? Let me know if you’ve found any other genius ways to transform, upcycle or re-use your candle jar….


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Your Favourite MAC Lipsticks in Fragrance Form

MAC Velvet Teddy Shadescent Eau de Parfum Review

If you have grown a little tired of the conventional fragrance launch – I mean there’s only so much frolicking in a field one can take – and long for something a little more original, the release of the six new MAC Scentshade Eau de Parfums may somewhat excite you, both in terms of scent and concept.

MAC of course are not synonymous with the world of fragrance, sure they’ve dabbled with a few sleeper hits along the way but nothing has really reached cult status. This is not a criticism, what MAC are renowned for is lipstick and cosmetics in general, something they execute very well – we’ve all at the very least dreamt about owning a MAC lipstick or two haven’t we? As such, I do believe that the reason MAC have held off from focusing their attention on the world of fragrance is that they wanted to wait to ensure they not only really made their mark, but also combine the world of make-up and fragrance as one. Arguably MAC have did just that, the new MAC Scentshade Eau de Parfums does just that – not only are there six new scents to choose from but they have been created to capture the essence of six of their best selling lipstick shades. In a word genius.

From what I have gathered, the idea is that using certain MAC lipstick shades they have translated how wearing each shade makes the wearer feel – for instance we have MAC My Heroine Eau de Parfum which in my opinion evokes a sense of self belief, think of it as a fragrance power-suit. Something you can mist on for an added boost of confidence via a rich, robust top note of leather. Then there is the sexy yet sultry burst of patchouli which dominates MAC Lady Danger Eau de Parfum and the bright, candy, tutti-fruity inspired punch MAC Candy Yum Yum Eau de Parfum which is great for those with a sweet tooth or those looking to brighten up the dullest of days.

As an avid wearer of MAC Velvet Teddy in lipstick form and as such this was always going to be the first of the six Scentshade fragrances I tried. Now if I was to negatively comment on anything about the MAC Scentshades, it would be the ambiguity of the note structure of each creation; it is very vague with each description divulging no more than two accents, which if purchasing online could be off putting. MAC Velvet Teddy is said to be a blend of Honey and creamy musk but I feel it has a kick of Tobacco leaf and perhaps bitter chocolate too. If you are familiar with Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and Thierry Mulgler Alien Eau de Parfume, and if you can somewhat imagine them combined, you pretty much have MAC Velvet Teddy Scentshade Eau de Parfum. I personally love it – it reminds me of two of my favourite fragrance ever but if my Instagram feed back is anything to go by, this is very much a make love or loathe scent but hey wouldn’t life be boring if we all liked the same things?

MAC Scentshade fragrance here for £35/50ml (currently £31.50 at the moment)

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