Tell Us Your #LinerCrimes!

We’ve all been there. Sometimes lining your eyes can be the worst thing ever. You’ve got your brush and messy pot of liner, or your dull pencil, or your disaster-waiting-to-happen liquid liner—and you just know things are going south, fast. Your wings are uneven, your line is further away from your lashes than earth is to the moon, or by the end of the day it’s completely slipping down your face. ARGH!

Well listen up, we’re here to help your solve all of those issues! Our NEW they’re real! push-up liner makes lining your eyes SO easy, it should be a crime. BUT! Before we treat you to this life-changing liner, we want to hear ALL about your funny & frustrating liner stories.

Like….“I end up wearing an inappropriately sexy smokey eye to work ’cause my pencil liner smudges & I don’t have time to correct it. #LinerCrimes”

“My lines are so thick, I might as well be applying with a king-size Sharpie Magnum. #LinerCrimes”

“I look like that ’80s ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ song—one wing goes up, the other goes down. It’s a hot mess. #linercrimes”

Now we want to hear your #LinerCrimes for a chance to WIN a sample of the not-yet-released they’re real! push-up liner!

How to Enter: 

  • – Tweet your liner disaster to @BenefitBeauty with #LinerCrimes. Ex. That moment when you look in the mirror after a long day and your liner is hugging your brows, not your lashes. #linercrimes @BenefitBeauty
  • – Enter once a day, and we’ll select 5 winners every day from 5/14-5/25. It’s criminally easy to win, ladies!

What You’ll Win: 

We’ll hook you up with a sample of they’re real! liner (PSST… You’ll be getting it before you can even purchase it in store)! But that’s not all.. we’ll also send along a full-size they’re real! mascara, because no look is complete without beyondbelief lashes.

P.S. The more creative & funny the stories are, the better. We won’t be accepting “the dog ate your homework” kind of answers. Get creative, gorgeous! 🙂

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