Tenerife in 3 Days

I finally went to Tenerife and it was awesome! And in this post I will be sharing some activities to do and the amazing hotel we stayed in.

Before we begin I want to thank my friends again for planning this trip as my birthday surprise! I wasn’t told the destination until we got to the boarding gates lol and they sorted out everything! Diane & Miriam thank you girls again! And my surprise set up was amazing!

Tenerife has a reputation for been a booze filled getaway but its totally possible to do the exact opposite. If this is your vibe stay tuned


We stayed in the beautiful Green Garden Eco Hotel. Its in an excellent location ( Playas las Americas) not too far from the beach but I wont recommend walking in that heat. The hotel has a lot of amenities including a free shuttle bus to Siam water park. The staff are excellent and made our stay pleasurable! They were so patient with us wanting to practice our Spanish with them too lool( Duolingo streak society anyone? lol). Plus they had a mini arcade on site and we LOVED it. who knew I was so good at shooting loool. There’s a mini market on site too. Our family villa was huge and had a little garden area which we turned into our photoshoot studio LOOL


Whale & Dolphin Watching with White Tenerife tour guide company- Tenerife is the home of the pilot whales because of the excellent quality of water. From April to September, we were informed Dolphins migrate to the area too. We saw a lot of whales and it was beautiful and we were extremely lucky to see Dolphins too! I have always wanted to see animals in the wild natural habit and seeing them was a bucket list moment for me

Stargazing with Tenerife stars tour guide company- I didn’t know Tenerife was known for this but it is a very popular activity there. The whole trip starts off just before sunset so you stop at a crater for amazing sunset views over the nearby islands before heading to the national park to wait for dark and the stars illuminate the skies. Guys we saw Starlink which looked awesome in the sky but even better we saw shooting stars! Living in a city like London, you forget how light polluted our night sky is so seeing the stars in their numbers so clearly was so amazing. I will give iPhone props here because the pictures turned out great ( its still a cult I refuse to join). Our guide was so funny but knowledgeable

Eating & drinks

It was a packed trip so we didn’t eat out much but I definitely recommend Almar, rooftop restaurant with amazing sunset views! The food and drinks were amazing and I loved my birthday dessert!

So a quick getaway in Tenerife without booze filled parties? Yes its definitely possible. Overall thoughts for Tenerife

  • Taxis are cheaper than ubers
  • Sunscreen is needed of course
  • 100% worth it! GO FOR IT

It was a quick trip, but my looks were still on point! Always

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