The Big Liquid Gold Worldwide Giveaway!

alpha-h liquid gold review

One of my all-time favourite beauty products has its fifteenth birthday this year and to celebrate I have a rather lovely giveaway! Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold is a wipe-on-and-leave overnight treatment that’s so incredibly simple and effective, it had me hooked from the very first use. (You can see my initial post on it, Liquid Gold and the Leap of Faith, by clicking here.) Brightening, exfoliating, rejuvenating and clarifying, it uses Glycolic acid as a key ingredient to retexturise the skin, soften fine lines and help reduce pigment and acne scarringEvery friend and family member I’ve recommended it to has seen brilliant results, and feedback from readers has always been overwhelmingly good. If you’ve always wanted to try Liquid Gold, or are a regular user and want to get a free re-stock, then read on – I have twenty-five bottles to give away.

I asked the founder of Alpha-H, Michelle Doherty, to explain why she thought that Liquid Gold had achieved such Cult Beauty Status. It’s regularly featured in “best of beauty” articles and the formula, over the whole fifteen years, has never been changed or tweaked. “It’s exactly the same formula as when we originally launched,” Michelle told me, “we’ve never needed to change it. It just works. It delivers immediate results, improving the overall texture and appearance of the skin.”

ruth crilly and michelle doherty

I know that when I first started using Liquid Gold, the idea of an “acid” exfoliant was actually quite terrifying. I hadn’t really seen much written about it in magazines and was nervous about using it because it just sounded so scary. I had visions of a burning face and a trip to A&E! But people’s attitudes to acid peels and toners seem to have really changed in the last few years; they are widely written about and reviewed, and even the mainstream brands have introduced peels and acid exfoliants as staple skincare products. “People are realising that “acid” is not a dirty word in the context of skincare,” Michelle said. “It is perfectly fine, in fact it’s good to challenge the skin with AHAs [the type of acid group that Glycolic belongs to] because if the skin is not challenged, then you’ll never really see a change in it.”

Any important dos and don’ts for Glycolic Beginners? “Yes,” said Michelle. “If you are new to using Glycolic Acid, we recommend that you slowly introduce it into your skincare routine. It’s also very important to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen when using products that contain Glycolic.”

alpha-h liquid gold review

So there you go – a quick tour around the world of Acid Exfoliation. If you fancy giving Liquid Gold a try, then all you need to do is leave a comment below. If you’re stuck for something to say, then you can always wish Michelle and the Alpha-H team a Happy Australia Day! Make sure you get your comment in before 12 noon (GMT) this Friday and please only comment once. Be sure to pop your email into the comment form where prompted, I’ll announce winners in Sunday’s Tittle Tattle. Good luck – this giveaway is open to everyone, all over the world.

PS: that multi-bottle montage took me bloody ages to do! I must get Photoshop and stop arsing around with the Mac equivalent of PC Paint!

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