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QVS Brushes Review

They say only an unskilled person blames their tools for preforming inadequately, but anyone who has ever been forced to use a poor quality make-up brush will quickly tell you that is not the case. Great make-up brushes are crucial in executing any make-up look well and the good news is that thanks to brands such as QVS Beauty you no longer need a bank loan to afford high quality brushes.

With the party season on the horizon you may be hoping to perfect a smoky eye look or perhaps something a little bolder – ’tis the season of glitter after all and with the help of QVS brushes I am going to share a few pointers and tips, on how to get the most from your brushes.

QVS Brushes Review
QVS Brushes Review
QVS Brushes Review

For the perfect base, be it powder, liquid cream or a combination of all three products, the one brush you want on your side is the QVS Perfection Brush £7 – if I could only own one foundation brush, it would be this. As you can see this is a dual ended brush; the smaller and somewhat flatter brush head is for applying concealer – again this works well with liquid or cream textures and can also double up in a pinch as an eyeshadow applicator. Due to the size of the flat brush, it perfectly fits into all those hard to reach facial contours such as the under-eye, around the nose and brow bone – perfect if you use concealer both to disguise blemishes and to highlight. The other end of the brush is by far larger and more dense and as such is ideal for applying liquid foundation and/or cream contour products.

QVS Brushes Review

The next step in my make-up routine – and perhaps yours too – is to set my foundation, as someone with oily skin, I have noticed that a loose setting powder is by far a superior option in terms of keeping oil at bay. Regardless of what option you choose, you will want and need a large fluffy brush to ensure that the powder is evenly dispersed over the skin – for that I recommend the QVS Powder Brush £9. The soft, fluffy bristles of such brush ensures that coverage is light, effective and efficient.

QVS Brushes Review

Now I’m no expert at eyeshadow application but I do believe in keeping tool use in this area to a minimum – for applying a base shade or a little glitter, you want a flat, dense and frankly sturdy brush but as the eye area is so delicate it should also be soft. For this reason I fully recommend the QVS Eyeshadow Brush £4 – it is perfect for quickly sweeping on a wash of colour, for intricate placement of glitter/shimmer or for those more skilled that I, blending a few shades together too. Much like all QVS brushes, this can be used for cream, liquid and powder formulations with ease.

No brush makes a smoky eye look easier than the QVS Blending Brush £8.49, it is perfectly sized to easily slot into the eye socked and as it is so soft and fluffy, it easily diffuses even the harshest of lines. I’m sure by now it goes without saying that you can use this with any medium of product you wish and for precision application of facial highlighter, this brush is the perfect size (think the cupid’s bow and tip of the nose).

Lastly, every make-up bag needs a great brow tool – at the moment I’m embracing the natural brow look and as such all I do is comb them through and maybe set with a little clear mascara. A great brow comb is not to be over looked and as such I suggest investing in the QVS Eye Brow and Lash Groomer £4 this sturdy comb tames even the bushiest of brows, as well as offering a lash comb to ensure that your mascara is never clumpy.

Now all you have to do is decide what colour of lipstick you’ll be wearing in the coming weeks and heck QVS even have a brush for that too which you can find here.

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