The Deep Sleep Super Double-Barrelled Mega-Spray

This Works Super Sleep Spray Review

Beauty brand This Works couldn’t improve on the knock-you-into-oblivion perfection that is the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, and so they made a slightly longer-lasting version, Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, that sort of refreshed its scent powers throughout the night to keep restless sleepers in an uninterrupted essential-oil-induced coma.

Obviously, they couldn’t improve on this improvement (there are only so many times you can add “plus” to a product and get away with it – why would anyone bother with the original otherwise?) and so they created a double-barrelled super mega-spray combining the two formulas, especially for the indecisive and/or cautious. (I’ll start with the original, dear, and work my way up to the plus – we wouldn’t want to snooze through the alarm!)

This Works Super Sleep Spray Review

One half of this new Super Sleep arsenal contains the original (and highly, highly effective) Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, the other contains the Plus. You can decide which level of unconsciousness you’d like to achieve and then spritz away to your heart’s content. Personally, I don’t find much difference between the two – the original knocks me out like I’ve been brained with a frying pan – but on speaking to the many friends and family who also use Deep Sleep, the Plus does appear to have extra potency.

Both sprays are natural and the original (£16 for a full bottle here) is marked as pregnancy safe. I can’t see why the other wouldn’t be, but use with caution if you get a fright about things like that. The Plus releases more scent during the night as you move on the pillow, so maybe it’s a concern about overdosing on sleep vibes…

You can find the new Super Sleep mega-duo at Lookfantastic here for £15.

If you’re a heavy user of the Deep Sleep spray then I’ve just seen that they do a massive 250ml bottle (rather than the standard size 75ml) and this costs £30. On a price-per-ml basis it should be over fifty pounds, so it’s very good value – find it online here.


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