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In celebration of V-Day I thought I would write a quick roundup of all the red lip colours in my collection. I was actually supposed to write this up yesterday but I started reading a new book and it completely consumed my day, in fact I read the whole thing. It was Night Owls by Jenn Bennett if you’re wondering, a cute young adult romance type of thing. It sucked me in because the protagonist is an artist and I could totally *relate*, to that part, at least. It wasn’t moving or revolutionary, but it made me smile and was a good read. Similar in style to Rainbow Rowell & John Green. ANYWAY, back to makeup.

I didn’t realise I had 6 red lip colours in my collection, but there you go. I don’t wear them often but when I do I have a few particular faves that I reach for.

1. RMS Sacred Lip Shine. (Working from top to bottom in the image.) I love the formula of the lip shines from RMS, super glossy, moisturising and bright, but not, however, the longest lasting. This colour is a bright poppy, pinky red and easy to apply in a rush, no effort required.

2. Kjaer Weis Lovers Choice. I think this might be my new favourite of the bunch. I wore it on date night to go and see Deadpool and I was totally digging the colour, it kinda matched Deadpool’s suit too. It’s described as a warm, rich red that’s inspired by the velvety petals of a red rose and I think that fits. It’s dramatic and beautiful all at once.

3. Gressa Aux Rouge. I have only worn this about twice in the year I’ve had it because it’s so difficult to apply. The formula is hard and waxy so it’s tricky to use a brush with and applying it with fingers is messy as you have to really warm it up. It might be the most pigmented of the bunch and it’s a stunning, true red but I just don’t like the formula.

4. The Organic Pharmacy Organic Glam Red. This is a similar shade to Lovers Choice but a little more burgundy. It’s easier to apply since it’s in a tube, and has a nice finish but it’s a tad too dark for me.

5. RMS Lip2Cheek Beloved. This is one of my faves too, though I did forget about it for awhile so it’s a bit dried up now. I love the bright true red, it actually works really well on the cheeks too for a pretty flush. The formula is long lasting and it can be worn sheer or built up for a full on red lip.

6. ILIA Lip Conditioner Arabian Knights. Now this little gem used to be my favourite, but it’s so, so old now that I don’t want to use it, there’s only a little bit left though so I don’t feel like I wasted it. I have mentioned this a hell of a lot on the blog in the past, I really adore the lip conditioner formula from ILIA and really recommend you pick a colour to try asap, you won’t regret it! Arabian Knights is a sheer berry red, it’s more berry than red to be fair but I had to include it 😉

L-R Beloved, Lovers Choice, Red, Arabian Knights, Sacred, Aux Rouge

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