The Making of Majorette!

Have you ever wondered how the makeup magicians at Benefit dream up fabulous new products? They always seem to have some amazing new instant beauty solution up their sleeve. Our latest obsession is majorette, and we’ve been DYING to know how they came up with the idea. Seriously, a cream-to-powder booster blush!? We thought Benefit only did tints & box o’ powders! To satisfy our curiosity, let the investigation with our product development team begin…


First, we hunted down one of the masterminds behind it all: Cierra, a product development wizard. We know by now that nothing happens by mistake at Benefit—there’s always a backstory, and the story of majorette goes all the way back to our founding twins, Jean & Jane!

The product development gals were digging around at Beauty Central, and spotted an old snapshot of young Jean & Jane dressed as majorettes. They got SO excited that they started marching around in an impromptu majorette routine (#lifeatbenefit), and they all got super-flushed from the excitement. Thus, the idea of majorette was born: an instant pep-up for your cheeks!

They wanted something different than a traditional box o’ powder, something that could pep-up the box o’ powders that you already own! A booster blush! Cierra explained that they went for the peachy-pink shade after spending quite some time searching for a flush that’s flattering on everyone & works with a wide range of powders. (Her fave powder to layer over majorette? Rockateur!)


Once the formula was developed, they moved into the art side of things. The packaging concept was simple for the artists: it simply had to be a majorette’s drum! They went for a vintage look, using the gold foil elements to glam it up, and chose to scallop the edges in that gorgeous coral to echo the shade of the blush within.

We’re totally geeking out over our behind-the-scenes look at majorette, and we can’t wait to learn the backstory on more of our faves. What product do you want the behind-the-scenes scoop on? Let us know on Twitter @benefitbeauty!

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