The Marc Jacobs Splashes are Back!

Marc Jacobs Splashes Review 2017

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the soft and ever coveted, light fragrances that are Marc Jacobs Splashes are back once again, and I for one couldn’t be more excited.

Marc Jacobs Splashes Review 2017

Hear me out: I live in Scotland, a place not exactly renowned for its tropical climate and as such, I do associate wet weather with the Spring months – we don’t have the term April showers floating around for no good reason but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes dear readers, I enjoy the rain, especially when the showers are light and leave the air smelling fresh with an earthy combination of wet soil and surrounding greenery. It’s a sensation and scent explosion that I find difficult to mimic, well that was until I tested out the Marc Jacobs Splashes for myself. Four, beautifully created scents that evoke the newness of the season in numerous aspects, and offer new yet non-fussy insights into refreshingly (they aren’t called Splashes for no reason), clean ready-to-wear fragrances.

Marc Jacobs Splashes Review 2017

The Marc Jacob Splashes are technically Eau de Toilettes but are intended to be worn fairly generously – think of them as a mature, incarnation of a body mist – spray on generously and enjoy the uplifting, refreshing tonic. As all four options are delicate, you don’t run the risk of ever overdoing it (or suffocating all that is near to you), yet they have the prolonged wear time, that so many of us crave. I deem these to be casual fragrance options: a wardrobe of four softened splashes of notes, that are effortlessly cool and ready for the day – be that work, play or brunch.

What I personally enjoy about the Marc Jacobs Splashes is that each fusion, captures a different aspect of Spring: Cotton – like freshly washed, air dried linen with notes of jasmine, cotton flower, musk and bergamot. For a non- fruity yet bright, sensory choice we have Cucumber – which of course contains a strong presence of cucumber combined with Freesia and musk. The fruity creation of this collection is Pear: bright, bold and not at all tart with hints of Pear, gin and woody accords. Last but not least we have the aquatic yet light, scent of Rain: with freshly cut grass and tropical rain accords, whatever they might be.

Marc Jacobs Splashes Review 2017
This is an old photo from last year, of my first two bottles – they are in storage and I’m not currently able to get to them so please excuse the sudden and dramatic photo quality change.

The wonderful aspect of this small curation of scents is that they are truly adaptable: each can be worn alone, layered with other options within the collection (Cotton and Rain particularly fuse well together) or combined with your current favourite fragrance. Although perhaps not to everyone’s taste (then again what is), I would say that the four Marc Jacobs Splashes are entirely universal (the bottles have been so well designed in this aspect) and are as at home on a female as they are male; Rain in particular has a fairly masculine presence and does happen to be my personal favourite.

At the moment, I can not say with absolute certainty if the Marc Jacobs Splashes are limited edition or are gearing towards a permanent position but they are currently available online in various locations which may suggest the latter?

In the U.K you can find the Marc Jacobs Splashes via Superdrug £38/100ml – link

In the U.S you can find the Marc Jacobs Splashes via Sephora $62/100ml – link

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