The Mellow, Jazz Club, Ready-to-Chill Candle…

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I have been busy shooting the annual Christmas Candle Video (out on Monday) and, once again, the Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle from This Works has emerged as one of my favourites. It has the most incredible scent – lavender, but not as you know it, more a dark and sexed-up version with quite a masculine edge. This isn’t “frolicking in a field in Provence” lavender; this lavender has been hanging out at some seedy jazz club in Soho and has rolled back in at four in the morning. Mellow, lipstick on its collar, ready to chill.

(What an earth? Someone please put a stop to my weird fragrance imaginings!)

The Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle is simply one of the best luxury home fragrancing options out there – truly effective in the “relax and sleep” department, an absolutely knockout scent and it doesn’t cost the earth. In fact, at £25 for 220g, it’s almost half the price of Diptyque. It’s sold out in most places (surely another great sign!) but you can still get it at This Works online. If you felt like properly splashing out then it’s part of the amazing Perchance to Dream gift set, which includes pillow spray, Dream Cream and  bath soak as well as the candle. That costs £65 here.

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