The Nails are Out: Joan Collins v Christian Louboutin

joan collins timeless beauty nail lacquer helene

OK look, I know that it’s not quite there in terms of coolness and luxe-appeal, but if you were badly craving the Christian Louboutin nail polish and couldn’t justify the £36 splurge, then I do rather like the lacquer from the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range. I think that the Deco packaging would look great on any dressing table, it’s got a tiny touch of the “sexy high heel” feel and the Helene shade is as red as red can be.

christian louboutin nail polish

Louboutin’s nail polishes have acquired a certain “beauty icon” status already, despite having only launched late last year, and I have to say that although I was initially incredibly cynical about the whole thing, the concept is very clever. Those stiletto-like bottle lids turn the polishes into more than just beauty products; each one is like a small piece of sculptural art. Sexy, modern, and bringing something completely new to the beauty table, on a visual level at least.

christian louboutin nail polish

I’d completely forgotten about the Telegraph video that I made on the collection pre-launch, so if you’d like to see the Louboutin polishes up close then do have a look, the page is here. If the Louboutin treasures are a complete no-no in terms of budget and/or the amount you’re prepared to pay for a nail polish (I get you!) then you can find the Deco-inspired Joan Collins range at Urban Retreat – nail lacquers are £13.

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