The New Jo Malone Exfoliating Shower Gels

The New Jo Malone Exfoliating Shower Gels Review

Do you like speed reviews? Great because I have been using the new Jo Malone Exfoliating Shower Gel for a good few days now and I have a few thoughts on it – mainly you should treat yourself immediately – but not quite enough pleasantries for a lengthy and typical of me blog post.

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I’ll be entirely honest, I am a fairly new recruit to the world of Jo Malone bath and body products; typically when I splurge in one of their luxurious boutiques, I leave with a cologne…or two and yet the new Jo Malone Exfoliating Shower Gel has me hooked. A shower gel, really? Yes and I beg that you hear me out.

The Jo Malone Exfoliating Shower Gels aren’t your bog standard shower gel – they are an experience. As to be expected the first thing that will lure you in, is the heavenly aroma and familiar notes of Jo Malone fragrance, with three scents to choose from, I can safely assume that there will be something for everyone. This is my first dip into the iconic fragrance that is Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin, and let’s just say I finally understand the fuss: a bright, bold yet never overwhelming, sophisticated fruity concoction that is perfect for a refreshing morning shower.

What sets the Jo Malone Exfoliating Shower Gels aside from the rest is that they both cleanse and of course, gently exfoliate the skin using Jojoba beads and Orange peel. Now I’ll be the first to admit that this light body scrub won’t be enough to remove layers of self tanner but it is more than sufficient

for a quick daily polish, that will in turn result in continuously soft and supple skin.

It’s not everyday that I will rave, let alone write about a shower gel but then again it is not everyday that Jo Malone launch a new body treat.

Jo Malone Exfoliating Shower Gel £30 via John Lewis – link.

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