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caroline hirons skincare favourites

Many of you will have met my mate Caroline Hirons before; either in real life, at one of her sought-after skin appointments and meet-and-greets, or virtually, watching her videos and reading her amazing beauty blog. (You may have seen our videos together – if not then you’re in for either a treat or a headache, depending on what floats your boat! You can watch them here.)

Caroline knows her skincare inside out and her reviews are an absolute joy to read – she never sugars the pill if she’s not keen on something and when a product works, she really lets you know about it! And so obviously what we’re all waiting for is a skincare range from her. But whilst that happens, we can make do with the next best thing: the Caroline Hirons Cult Beauty Box.

A carefully curated selection of some of Caroline’s favourite skincare products, all of them fitting together very nicely to form an effective and luxurious skincare routine, this is a true beauty addict’s treasure trove! Inside the box:

rms raw coconut cleanser


RMS Coconut Cream Cleanser
Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cleanser

Acid Toner:

PIXI Glow Tonic 

Eye Cream:

Skin Owl Eye+ 


REN’s Optimum Skin Serum Oil
Odacite Hydration Serum Concentrate 


Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream

Rescue Remedy:

Pommade Divine

So two gorgeous cleansers, one very massage-y and one slightly “quicker” (I haven’t tried either of these yet but they sound luscious); a bottle of Glow Tonic from Pixi, one of Caroline’s most-recommended products (it’s an acid toner or acid exfoliant, great for making dull skin look renewed and fresh); two brilliant serums and a do-all moisturiser from Alpha-H, the Essential Hydration Cream, which would be one of my top recommendations too.

skin owl eye cream

I am absolutely intrigued by the Skin Owl Eye+ cream, pictured above; partly because I like the word Owl (shallow, moi?) but mainly because this “concentrate” promises to be soothing and brightening all at the same time. This has rocketed to the top of my wishlist. You can find more details here.

Caroline’s Cult Beauty Box is available now – free international shipping – and costs £100 here. (Value of the products is over £170 – a mix of full size and special sizes, please check listings on the website.) It’s a wonderful array of top-notch skincare and I love that it includes brands I’d never even heard of before. If you fancy investing in a ready-made, satisfying face-care routine or you’re simply an incorrigible skincare addict then this is the beauty box for you. Get it while it lasts!

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