The Real Unsung Hero of The Charlotte Tilbury Range

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Review

Everyone and their Mother raves about the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and of course the skincare but I never see nearly enough love for the real star of the show – Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow. It is a fusion of primer and illuminator that will leave you wondering how you ever survived without it for so long. Really how did you manage?

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Review

We all know the drill in regards to primer: you apply it underneath foundation and/or general make-up to intensify and prolong, and if you are lucky it will boast a few skincare benefits too. To find something that brightens, hydrates, prolongs, perfects and has a handful of anti-ageing ingredients to boot (BioNymph Peptide Complex to stimulates collagen), is all but unheard of, and yet that is exactly what Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow offers and more.

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Review
Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Review
Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Review

For every product that I can visually display it’s sheer brilliance – magic if you will – there’s the odd launch or two that no photograph or paragraph can document with justice and Wonderglow is one of those. To the naked eye, Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow is a fairly loose, liquid illuminator that is a neutral gold in tone – heck you might even be put off on that alone as not everyone likes an all over glow but I can promise you it is worth the risk. The light reflecting pearls present in Wonderglow – even when applied under make-up as a primer – create a soft, lit-from-within glow that is youthful, forgiving (even on fine lines and enlarged pores) and brightening. For a moment let’s forget the additional benefits and focus on that glow, one quick application of this liquid gold primer, quickly and effectively disguises any signs of tired, sallow and dull skin. You can also apply it as a stand alone liquid highlighter, or mix into any other liquid face product, such as foundation to add additional radiance, or to create a dewy finish.

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Review

How ever you decide to use it, I’m sure you will come to agree that Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow is a non-greasy, lighter-than-air brightening choice. What is slightly odd about this product is that it contains soft focus, ceramic microspheres to smooth over the skin’s imperfections and blur as it goes. I’ve never experienced anything like it – a radiance boosting product that also helps to visually soften the appearance of my pores. One word – magical.

Promise me that this will be the next Charlotte Tilbury product you in the very least swatch in store?

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow £38.50/40ml via FeelUnique – link.

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