The Sunday Tittle Tattle: Good Legs and Crazy Cats

best cat toys

1) I bought Mr Bear some new catnip toys – sardines squished into a tin! I find this “Yeowww!” brand to be the best, the cat nip lasts for ages and the designs are fun. Which doesn’t matter to the cat, who would go completely out-of-this-world crazy whatever the stuff looked like, so long as the wacky weed was inside, but it pleases me. I get the annoyingly-named “Yeowwww!” stuff from Amazon but I’m pretty sure you can get it in pet shops too. They do a banana that’s quite good, though the dog got hold of that one and now it’s leaking ‘erbs all over the place.

elemis face and body qvc

2) Elemis have an offer on QVC today – the Love Your Skin face and body collection. It includes the Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser that doesn’t officially launch until next year, as well as the Pro Collagen Marine Cream and a load of other lovely bits. I don’t have a price at time of writing (Friday) but the TSVs are usually great value and not to be missed if you’re an Elemis fan. You can click here to check the offer if I haven’t yet updated this page.

3) I bought the “side double elastic” leggings from Topshop and I think that they must be the sturdiest and thickest leggings I’ve tried to date. (I haven’t tried to actually date any leggings; I mean “so far”. Just so we’re clear.) They give me instant “good legs”. The waistband doesn’t look incredibly flattering on the website pics but these are basically high-waisted ponte skinny-fit trousers rather than traditional leggings: you could just about get away with wearing them as an actual garment. Unlike most of the semi-sheer crappy leggings that are offered up on the high street, which basically have to be treated as tights. Extra bonus: these leggings seem to pull everything in and are on the generous side, length-wise, so legs look long and lean. Find them for twenty quid here. They fit just about true to size but if you’re between sizes, go with the smaller option.

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dexter and the bear

4) Pets, above. Photo is entitled: When Everything in My Life is the Same Colour.

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