Things I’ve Been Loving.

Well, hello! Things are busy over in these parts and I have really been struggling to find the time to blog between other projects in the past few months (FYI, you can hire me for freelance work and I’m just a joy to collab with ;)). I have about twelve million posts photographed and ready to go and SO many things to share with you, so it’s time to make some time to blog! And first up we have a few favourites from the past couple of weeks…

Since bleaching all of the life from my hair I’ve had to up my haircare game x1000 to keep the straw feeling at bay. I’ve been religiously using the Swell Hair Ultimate Protect & Renew Serum after every wash mixed with some of the John Masters Rose & Apricot Hair Milk. The Swell serum is a silicone-free hair serum to banish frizz, conceal split ends and offer heat protection. I really like this because of it’s super thin/watery formula that disappearers into the hair without a hint of grease or stickiness, plus it mixes with and thins out the thick-ish cream John Masters hair milk nicely. I’ve been using the JM milk for so long now it’s got to be a firm favourite, it has managed to keep my hair feeling soft and in a semi-okay condition throughout all the colour, so that’s a-okay with me.

I’m not much into nude lips at all but recently I’ve found myself reaching for the Beauty Counter Lip Sheer in the shade ‘petal’. I got this in a Beauty Heroes box at the beginning of the year and even though it’s a totally gorgeous product (um hello, that packaging!) I didn’t reach for it at all after the initial excitement wore off. I’m not sure what’s changed, maybe just an unconscious switch up, but I like it a lot at the moment. It’s sheer enough to not be too pink, too nude, or too pale. Perfect.

Perhaps the most out of place in this bunch is that little pot with an illustration of Voldemort on the lid. That is the ‘You Know Who’ Face Highlight from Brija Cosmetics, and oh boy it’s beautiful. I love love love it. I had been looking for the perfect powder highlighter for ages, it was surprisingly difficult because every natural brand out there only seems to be releasing cream highlights! What’s that about? But Katie came to the rescue and added this to her recent Brija order for me after I had tried a sample. It’s not too shimmery and has a gorgeous, ethereal blue/purple glow, so pretty!

Lastly, the SkinOwl Mangosteen Beauty Drops have been pretty much all I’ve used on my skin at night. The 60ml bottle is huge and never ending – I’m really afraid I’m going to waste it and have it go off before I can use it up, I’m not even a third of the way through! It does smell divine, even Mikey notices when I use it and says I smell nice (and he notices literally nothing). The oil is just simply baobab and mangosteen oils, it’s simple, rich and calming. I only need about 3-4 drops for my face to leave it perfectly nourished and feeling cushy – I use extra to spread down my neck and chest now too (gotta use it up!) and love how calm my complexion looks every morning after use.

What have you been loving lately? Have you tried any of these?

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