This Gal Has A Candle for Every Occasion…

DW Home Candles Review

No seriously I do: Christmas, Halloween, Birthday’s or just a rainy Saturday afternoon you can all but bet I have the perfect scented candle ready to add a little ambience to any room. Some may say it is a hobby, others most likely will agree that I have relinquished control of my spending capabilities and allowed fragrant chaos to rule the roost. To that I have one question; what are you burning tonight?

DW Home Candles Review

For a few years, I have casually admired DW Home Candles and made more than a few notes to pick up a few once the opportunity raised itself. As it goes, in terms of physical stockists they are very much scant here in the UK with the most reliable being TK Max (both online and instore), rather disappointingly for myself and those that reside in Glasgow, the offerings of DW Home Candles is pretty much non-existent. Through curiosity – and of course the slight fear of missing out – I took matters into my own hands and did a quick Google search, it was here that I discovered that one of my favourite beauty retailers Notino had a fairly bountiful array of DW Home Candle fragrances. So I did what any normal person would do in such circumstances and ordered a few scents to try out – all in the name of research of course…

DW Home Candles Review
DW Home Candles Review

Now quickly cast your eyes back to the opening sentence of this post in which I proudly declared that I have a fragranced candle for every occasion. Well today is November the 5th, Guy Fawkes Night here in the UK and although I’m not a massive fan of the rouge fireworks that more often than not scatter into my garden and scare the bejesus out of our resident wildlife, I did want to mark the occasion none the less. Enter DW Home Candles Burnt Toffee scent, a true to life, sticky yet vanilla scented concoction with slightly smoky tones that instantly takes me back to a childhood of magic gloves, sparklers and of course toffee apples.

As you can probably see from the images I have accumulated three DW Home Candles in total (one was a free gift with my order) and so far I do have to say I am fairly impressed. I like that that price point is fairly reasonable – typically less than say Yankee Candle – and that the scent choices are both refined in style and powerful in throw. In my mind DW Home Candles bridge the gap between luxury brands (think Space.NK) and those found on the highstreet. I’m not entirely sure as to why DW Home Candles haven’t fully found themselves at home here in the UK as of yet but perhaps time will tell, until then you can find a wide selection via Notino.

DW Home Candles Burnt Toffee £19.90 – link.

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