Too Cute to Toss!

Happy Earth Day, Benebabes! We don’t know about you, but we <3 our planet here at Beauty Central, & we’re all about the three Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle! So, in honor of the holiday, we came up with a few ways to upcycle our fave Benefit packaging (because let’s get real here—it’s WAY too cute to throw away).


We totes shouldn’t be saying this—but we confess, our absolute FAVE packaging is the total moisture & it’s potent! pots! They’re so painfully adorable, and we just can’t bring ourselves to get rid of them once the moisturizer is gone. SO, we came up with a way to keep them! Who doesn’t want (NEED) a succulent garden planted in these precious little pots?


Next, we have the box o’ powders. The packaging is so good, especially with that little mirror, and asking us to get rid of them is just too much. We CANNOT. So, we came up with the best idea ever—bobby pin containers! The little mirror to help us view our ‘do & the magnet closure make them ideal for saving our pins! They’re perfect—and with our box o’ powder addiction, we’ll have one for every bag in no time! Double bonus: the leftover brushes are perfect for cleaning off your keyboard!


Last—but definitely not least—we’ve got our eyeshadow jewelry box! This is one of our faves ’cause you don’t even have to wait until the product is gone—use the box that creaseless creams or longwear powder shadows come in to store your fave jewelry! We love to separate by jewelry type & keep a few on our vanity—one for gold rings, one for silver rings, etc.—SO cute, the ultimate girly finishing touch 🙂

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