Unlikely Wardrobe Hero: The Marks and Spencer Vest

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Sorry if I’ve seemingly gone a little bit M&S crazy – I’ve been popping in there more frequently since I moved into my temporary barn because there’s a massive superstore not too far from me. I say not too far: everything is far from here, including anything remotely resembling phone reception, but the M&S is around fifteen minutes away by car, so. Bonus. It’s the small things in life that must thrill me, now I’m sans telephone. Gone are the days of lengthy phone-sex sessions and prank-calling 0800 numbers. (Joke.)

Vests! My search for the perfect – or near-perfect – vest has been simmering away for some years, now, and was stoked into a bit of a frenzy once I became pregnant, because I just wanted a soft, stretchy vest that didn’t cling too much but that also had a nice shape. When I wasn’t pregnant, I wanted a vest that didn’t cling around the tummy area but that looked good on the boobs; now that the bump is a-growing I want pretty much exactly the same thing, although I’m entirely aware that whatever I buy is going to cling to my tummy area.

marks and spencer ribbed vest

Anyway, I think I’ve found quite a nice little vest in the lingerie department at Marks and Spencer: it’s the Ribbed Lace Trim Vest and it comes in four colours. I bought the lavender grey first of all (above*), but returned today and grabbed a black one, too. (It is jet black, despite looking slightly navy in my photos.) The ribbed texture is very flattering – and I always think it looks more expensive than just the plain, flat cotton or jersey – and the shoulder straps are wide enough to conceal bra straps, which is important. It’s not too low-cut, has ample room for the tummy yet still seems to be nicely respectful of the old contours and curves. ie, it doesn’t make your boobs look crap and it doesn’t hug onto love handles.


Not bad for seven pounds fifty – it’s turned out to be a bit of a wardrobe hero, really. The perfect staple for layering; soft, lightweight, long-length so that it covers hips and the lower back… God, I sound about eighty! But a longer length is important, isn’t it? Who wants half their bottom on show whenever they make the slightest move? Not I! In these days of cropped everything and vest tops cut for teens with Abercrombie-esque figures, I welcome the longer length top! I like the lace detail, but would send out a small plea to the people at M&S to consider a plain-edged ribbed version too – just for that sportier, more modern look. I would buy it in every colour.

Marks and Spencer Vest, £7.50 at Marks and Spencer here.

*photo taken the other day, so 27 weeks + 4 days pregnant. If you want to see me from the side (and you seriously can’t miss me) then hop on over to my pregnancy blog, The Uphill.

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