Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Review

Hello Makeup Geeks! Today I have a review of the Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette. I know a lot of people have seen this and there have been several reviews on it, but I wanted to share my thoughts about it with you as well. It’s been a while since I reviewed anything from Urban Decay and they really do have amazing products and great packaging. Every year they release a new palette and this year they gave us the Vice 2 Palette.

So let’s get on to the review. 🙂

Urban Decay Vice 2 01


The Urban Decay Vice 2 retails for $59.00. This may seem like a lot but when you break down the cost it’s really not. This palette includes 20 new and exclusive shades at 0.03 ounces each. UD eyeshadows typically sell for $18.00 for 0.05 ounces of product, so overall this is a great price for the amount of shadows you get and also for the great packaging. It also include a dual ended brush that I am not a huge fan of.


I really love the packaging on this. It’s not your typical cardboard like the Vice 1 was, this is a sturdy plastic case swirled with shades of purple and embossed with the raised diamond like logo “UD”.  There are several things that I really like about this palette;

  1. Besides the palette being sturdy, it also has a button that you push to allow the lid to glide open gently.
  2. It has a large mirror which is the same size as the palette.
  3. The top of the palette with the mirror doesn’t fall all the way back, it stays open which makes it convenient to use.

This is where I feel the majority of the money goes to on this palette. They really spared no expense and overlooked no detail when designing this.


As I mentioned before, the palette contains 20 colors new to Urban Decay. The majority of the colors in the palette are really good. I do have some favorites though with “Prank” being my favorite of all of them. I also really like “Damaged”, “Shell Shock”, “Toxic” and “Derailed”.  As great as this palette is, I do have a few complaints with it;

  • There are only 2 matte shadows and there needs to be a few more.
  • It also needs some mid-tone blending shades.
  • Some of the colors are to similar, “Smokeout” and “Lovesick” are both black with different finishes. I wish they would have switched a black for a more wearable shade.
  • Even though these are great quality, the colors don’t seem to go together so it would be difficult to do a complete look without grabbing something else.

Urban Decay Vice 2 04


(Top Row Left to Right)

  • Smokeout – Black with a satin finish. This is just an ok shade. It can sometimes look like a dark chocolate brown.
  • Lovesick – Matte black with mico-glitter. Somewhat dry and the glitter blends out.
  • Shellshock – Intense metallic silver, very highly pigmented. Great shade.
  • Coax – Cool toned pink with a slight gold sparkle. This is exactly what it says it is, blends well and has great pigmentation.
  • X-Rated – Medium cool-toned pink with a satin finish. Applies and blends great and has intense pigmentation.

Urban Decay Vice 2_swatches 01

(2nd Row Left to Right)

  • Prank – Deep, dark navy blue with teal shimmer. My favorite, although the shimmer doesn’t show up great once applied.
  • Madness – Medium cool-toned blue and a frosty finish. Great color payoff and a good texture.
  • Strike – Muted yellow with a frosted finish. Great color payoff, good texture and blends great.
  • Stash – Muted olive green with light gold and dark green shimmer. This one is slightly drier than the others and doesn’t apply as smoothly.
  • Poison – Charcoal grey with teal shimmer. This is a little dry which means it can sheer out if you are not careful.

Urban Decay Vice 2_swatches 02

(3rd Row Left to Right)

  • Radar – Medium to Dark brown with gold glitter. Great shade, blends like a dream and has great pigmentation.
  • Damaged – Emerald green with a frosted/metallic finish. Nice texture and pigmentation. Close to Makeup Geek’s “Envy”,
  • Voodoo – Cool-toned purple with purple glitter and a slightly metallic finish. Dry and not as pigmented as some of the others.
  • Betrayal – Duo-Chrome bright purple with a blue shift. Just a little sheer when blended but still nice.
  • Derailed – Medium/Dark warm taupe brown with a frosted/metallic finish. This shade is very pigmented and has a butter texture. Very comparable to Makeup Geek’s “Moondust”.

Urban Decay Vice 2_swatches 03

(Bottom Row Left to Right)

  • Dope – Warm pink/peach with a satin finish. Great pigmentation and texture.
  • Toxic – Metallic copper/pink, a lot like Makeup Geek’s “Cosmopolitan”. Dry texture but did have great color payoff.
  • Habit – Matte nude/light beige. A little lighter than Makeup Geek’s “Beaches and Cream”. Very creamy texture with good color payoff.
  • Ambush – Medium/Dark bronze with a slightly metallic sheen. Good pigmentation and creamy texture.
  • Rewind – Matte neutral brown. Really good pigmentation and applies like a dream.

Urban Decay Vice 2_swatches 04

Overall this is a really good palette and I highly recommend it. Between the packaging and the shades it is worth $59.00. I do wish there were some blending shades and maybe a couple more matte shades, but the majority of the colors have great pigmentation and are creamy and butter. They apply well and blend easily. I don’t however feel like this is a complete palette because it will be hard to do a complete and wearable look for everyday or for the office. If there could be a better variety of neutrals versus bright shades then this would be the perfect palette.

So I do highly recommend it, the quality and what you get for the price is amazing. 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this review and keep checking back for more reviews. As always, I hope you are staying happy and healthy and I will see you soon!

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