Use Everywhere Balms (and I mean Everywhere)

Use Everywhere Balms

It’s Winter and as such skin is so easily and quickly chapped: be it the lips, hands, feet, elbows or even the cheeks (yes really!) – basically anywhere the icy winter winds can attack, they will. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t have the gumption – nor budget – to be purchasing a hundred and one products to care for all my skin ailments, I would much rather have one multi-tasking product. As variety is the spice of life, I have whittled down my top three “use everywhere balms” so you can get on with the more important things in life, such as finally getting around to watching the Gilmore Girls. No judgement here.

Use Everywhere Balms
Use Everywhere Balms

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream £26 – link

The original and arguably the best (what can I say I’m a ride or die kinda gal) – yes I am of course talking about Elizabeth Arden’s iconic 8 Hour Cream. This thick, gel-come-balm has saved my skin quite literally, more times than I can count; yes it can be a little greasy but this do-it-all potion, quickly and effectively injects moisture when and where it is most needed. Safe to use anywhere – including the face – Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream offers a blanket of instant hydration and continues to moisturise for up to 8 hours – hence the name. No long haul flight or Winter skin survival kit should be without it, and if ever hesitant about the thicker than average texture, mix a little into your regular product (hand cream, face cream, body lotion – it all works) and apply to the skin for a lighter, less daunting but ultimately the same moisture rich, quick fix.

Fun fact (and use) – I use this on my brows for a more nourishing take on the “soap brow” trend, when used with a spoolie it coaxes all my brow hairs into place, and once happy with the shape, I simply set with a little brow gel.Use Everywhere Balms

Use Everywhere Balms

Pai Head to Toe Buriti Balm £20 – link

One of the biggest criticisms of the 8 Hour Cream is that it is fairly heavily scented (almost medicinal in fragrance – unless of course you plump for the fragrance free formula) and features ingredients that may be not be suitable for easily irritated skin types. If you fall into that category or would prefer something a little more natural, may I suggest Pai Head to Toe Buriti Balm. This completely Vegan, thick yet quick to absorb balm, will quench even the driest of complexions free from irritation. If like myself you do suffer from Eczema or anything similar, this balm could be a revelation as it contains Calendula – a natural anti-inflammatory, so along with moisturising, this will calm, soothe and reduce irritated skin.

I have small but aggravated patches of Eczema on my wrists and I find that applying a light layer of the Pai balm to the affected areas, quickly settles any itch and prevents me from subconsciously clawing at the area – especially effective and important when sleeping.

Not only can you apply the Head to Toe Balm wherever you please but it is gentle enough for the entire family.

Use Everywhere Balms
Use Everywhere Balms
Indeed Labs 10balm £19.99 – link
When one of your favourite skincare brands launches a multi-purpose product of any nature, you pay attention – when it is Indeed Labs, you all but rush to your local Boots store and knock over anyone who gets in your way. A little extreme, yes but chapped skin ain’t no joke. You may assume that the name 10balm eludes to a mere 10 uses? Nope, the balm in question has been granted such moniker due to the composition of the 10 natural ingredients: Arnica, Bee Pollen and Vitamin E to name a few. Much like the aforementioned balms in this list, you can use this however and wherever you please but I will say that this is the most like skincare out of the trio; it softens, calms, heals and plumps the skin (including fine lines), and as such is far more “face friendly”. As a side note I have a friend who all but swears this helped to rid her of a pesky cold sore – which is one more reason to add this to your skincare routine this Winter.

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