Vlog: Cat Cuddling and Pictures from the Past

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In this vlog edition (edition? episode?) I go to 10 Downing Street, pluck my eyebrows and cuddle with my cat. It’s a jam-packed one, I’m telling you. We actually had a bit of a scare with Mr Bear the cat at the weekend because he managed to escape into the field at the back of the house, but it was almost worth it just to see Mr AMR pull the fence down like He-Man and crash through the bracken to rescue him. Why he couldn’t have just used the side-gate is anyone’s guess.

I jest, there is no side-gate. And I’m supposed to be having a week off from mocking Mr AMR: he got upset with me when I made a joke about his hand callouses and said I didn’t appreciate all of the manual labour he had been doing in his spare time around the house and garden. Mr AMR, if you’re reading, I love the baby gate and the perspex at the top of the stairs and the clean white bits on the roof and the fact that there are no weeds in the sedum roof and the new painted fence and the tidy side area where the junk was and the tidy bit at the front where the other junk was and the new patches of grass where the seeds have started to grow and the shelves inside the bathroom cupboard. See, I have been paying attention…

Mariposa Trust post is here

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