Weekly Window Shop: Cosy Cable Knits

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It’s back by popular demand – the Weekly Window Shop. All feedback duly noted, though the suggestion to make it monthly or bi-monthly does sort of mess with my alliteration! Monthly Window Shop doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

We return with a bit of a selfish one, because I am obsessed with all things cable knit – it’s just so tactile and autumnal and cosy – and this post is sort of satisfying my craving. Get excited for these little knit-picks – there’s something for everyone, whether you want to add a bit of wool to your wardrobe or get something seasonal for your home.

ugg fine cable knit blanket

Fine Cable Knit Throw, £70 from Amara here. UGG do some great chunky knit throws, too – all of which are on the same site – but they pretty dear. You wouldn’t want to let the dog on them, put it that way! I like the delicate nature of this fine knit version – if your interior style is more Classic than Country Living then this could be the one for you…

asos knitted cable knit hat

I can’t resist knitted hats, even though they do make me look like a total berk and/or Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. (We have decidedly similar facial features if I don’t put makeup on and pull back my hair.) This one from ASOS is just gorgeous – a soft cream knit with a non-stupid pom-pom. (Can’t be doing with these oversized ones or fluffy neon colours.) If you want this season’s cosiest hat then it’s here at ASOS – £10.


Johnstons Cable Knit Cashmere Hot Water Bottle, £89 at Selfridges here. Goodness, you’d want to be serious about keeping your toes warm in bed to splurge on this, wouldn’t you? But a nice one to add to the Christmas list, if you reckon you’re in with a chance of succeeding. This cashmere water bottle, a hot chocolate and the new Jilly Cooper book – what more could you want?


I tell you what more you could want: the Bookshelf candle from No.22. (It’s £38 here.) Not only does it smell exactly like a bookshelf (not quite sure how many bookshelves must have been sniffed to get this scent so spot on!) the cable knit jar is just completely brilliant and quirky.


Isabel Marant Cable Knit Sweater, £460 from Net-a-Porter here. You wouldn’t want to put this in the wrong wash by accident! Bloody hell. I’m sure there must be cheaper versions of this out there in the internet world, but goodness I do love a bit of Isabel Marant. Though since I “discovered” her I’ve been constantly pregnant or breastfeeding, so no purchases as of yet… Someone get this so that I can live vicariously through them?

h&m cable knit cushion chunky

From the extortionate to the pleasingly affordable: a spot of cable knit interior design from H&M. Chunky knit cushion? Go on then. £19.99 from H&M here.

H&M baby cardigan grey cable knit

…and a little indulgence, also from H&M. I couldn’t resist. Would mostly suit a baby, unless you happen to be really really small. It’s actually only 5% wool, this cardigan, but sometimes that’s a bit of a blessing when it comes to clothing for the type of human that puts blueberries in its ears and tips yoghurt down its front. Lots of washing. Wool sometimes doesn’t fare so well. Anyway, this knitty number is £9.99 here.



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