Weekly Window Shop: Cricket Jumpers

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A couple of weeks ago The Sunday Times Style ran a piece about cricket jumpers and there was one in particular, a lush cashmere number from Boden, that kickstarted a bit of a window shopping sweater obsession. Because the one from Boden was sold out, immediately, and I wanted it so badly, and you know what it’s like when you see something and then can’t have it and spend years trawling eBay only to finally get hold of it six years later but then the moment has passed and you wonder why you ever wanted it…ugh.

So, here are my alternatives. None of them quite compare to the £195 Boden Sweater-of-Dreams, but I’m consoling myself that at least I’ll have saved some pennies…

jack wills marten sweater

The Jack Wills Marten Cricket V Neck, available in black (or is it navy?) with white stripe or white with black (or is it navy?) stripe. It’s not cable knit but it’s an easy-to-wear weekend throw-on that’s not too low in the neckline. £59.50 here.

best cricket jumpers

The Open Stitch Cricket Jumper from Topshop gives things a new twist – I have a sneaking suspicion that this may be the one I end up going for. It’s slightly softer than a traditional cable knit and there’s something high-end feeling about the contrast between the open knit and the sporty stripes.. £39 here.

crew clothing cricket jumper

Crew Clothing’s pink jumper doesn’t have stripes but it is cable knit and I do tend to go a bit batty for pastels in spring. They are never flattering, really, are they? Unless you’re that type of person that constantly looks like a cheerleader/VS model with a light tan and neutral, sort of honeyed, hair. If you fit the bill (or you somehow look great in pastel pink, or you, like me, will buy pastel anyway and try to style it out) then this sweater is £48 here.

best cricket jumpers

A bit of Zoe Karssen is always welcome – this luxurious wool, silk and cashmere jumper should be a hefty £225 but is £112.50 on The Outnet here. It’s mercifully longline, which is great when you’re running after a baby all the time and trying not to show all of your saddlebag area!

best cricket jumpers amazon

Oh, hi £7.75 version! I have no idea what your quality will be like, but you’re long in the length and your stripes sure are pretty… It would be brilliant to know what you’re actually made of in order to cost what you cost (air? positive thoughts?) but I suppose that anyone wanting a quick cheap cricket jumper fix won’t mind too much. I have visions of walking along in you getting electric shocks every ten seconds, but I won’t put the others off. £7.75 at Amazon here.

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