Weekly Window Shop: Floaty and Feminine Lace

best lace dresses

Oh I am all over these lacy dresses and skirts that seem to be flooding the clothes shops at the moment. I’m talking about the beautifully feminine, Chloe-style lace garments, not the fitted type in garish colours that look flammable and scratchy. Floaty, romantic lace that makes you think of soft-focus seventies films; white, cream and nude shades that flatter the skin and look sexy and innocent all at the same time.

Here are the lacy things I’m lusting after. Luckily, two of them are at H&M so I won’t feel too guilty about snapping those up – I’ll try them on this week when I get near a store. I’m not making the mistake of ordering online from them again! (It took ages. It was difficult to get help from someone human. Loads of things didn’t arrive because they were out of stock. Shame, because I’d order from them a lot if it was easier…)

lace skirt white

The first is this white jersey-lined skirt – it looks luxurious and drapes beautifully and I like the geometric hemline. It’s £39.99 here.

lace body h&M

You need to see this bodysuit on, rather than as a still-life – look at the model pics here. I have absolutely no idea what I’d wear this with (perhaps a tailored pencil skirt, or beneath a structured dinner jacket on a night out?) but I love it. It’s £24.99 here.

roxo lace dress maje

This stretch-lace dress from Maje was the thing that set this whole lace-obsession off; I think I’m going to take the plunge and buy it, even if it is totally impractical! It’ll be stained with something permanent, like marker pen or shoe polish, within about ten minutes. But I love the comfortable stretch in the fabric and the way it can be worn casually with flats on a hot summer’s day or dressed up with tan sandals for an evening out. It’s £290 here.

When I’ve finished breastfeeding and I don’t have boobs the size of planets, I want to wear this. The delicate, unbelievably pretty Millie bra from Stella McCartney. It’s half-price on The Outnet (£27.50 here) and there’s an amazing matching bodysuit, if you’re into having matching sets of things…

best lace dresses

I know that I would never, ever wear this ballerina dress from Alice + Olivia (£465 here) but that doesn’t stop me from wanting it. Badly. It’s like a childhood dream come true. I’d hang it on the back of my bedroom door and stare at it constantly. I can’t even imagine what kind of occasion would call for a ballerina dress (I want to say prom, but price-wise it’s rather steep for a teen!) but if I think of one, and manage to miraculously tone up my arms and legs before the summer, I will be wearing this. On a sidenote, I’ve only recently discovered Alice + Olivia and they do such amazing dresses – I’ve added them to my list of designers to check when I need something snazzy to wear.

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