Weekly Window Shop: Wedding Guest Essentials

wedding guest essentials

Ah, the wedding season is upon us. Actually, it has been upon us for a while now, but I’ve only just done my first one – a gorgeous, outdoor affair in a very posh garden with possibly the most lavish tent I’ve ever set foot in. I could have set up home in it!

Anyway, as I was so utterly unprepared for this particular wedding (it came around more quickly than I thought it would) I’ve put together some wedding guest essentials to make sure that I’m ready for next time. Obviously some of the essentials are more tongue-in-cheek than others, and one is a more “if I won the lottery” choice rather than anything realistic, but I have to have some fun with my window shopping otherwise it becomes a chore. Shopping should never be a chore. An olympic sport: yes. Chore: no. If it gets boring, shut the laptop and try again another day, that’s what I say…

wedding guest essentials

Let’s start with the dress, shall we? I’m all for pretty and elegant this year – the Crilly Physique is in no way ready for anything bodycon, “nipped in” or mini. I have been enjoying shirt dresses (see this post) but the Karo Silk Dress from LK Bennett, with its longer length and fine cut, is just beautiful. Very English Country Garden, but you can stop it from looking too Miss Marple by sexing it up with some vampy accessories. See below. The Karo dress is £325 here and comes in a few different colours – pink is my favourite.

topshop kimono wrap dress

Staying on the floral pink theme: I am head over heels with this wrap dress from Topshop. It’s a little short for my confidence levels, at present, but those wanting to get their legs out in full glory will look spectacular!  I have a feeling that those with very large busts might struggle with it a little – it could tip over into “sexy dinner lady fancy dress costume” territory with that particular pink hue – but who am I to say. Give it a try and let me know! It’s £55 at Topshop here.

Let us please just take a moment to appreciate the fabulousness of this bag:

chandra s jimmy choo

It’s so glitzy it almost hurts my eyes. So does the price. It’s not my usual sort of style (I’m normally quite simple and understated when it comes to bags) but – my God – I would totally carry this until it fell apart. Mr AMR has just reminded me that I have a rather special bag that is still in the box because I’m too scared to take it out, so I suppose I won’t be adding to my handbag collection anytime soon! But if you fancy a little fantasy gaze at the Chandra from Jimmy Choo then it is here online.

wedding guest essentials

What does every handbag need? A handbag-sized pack of blotting paper. Thinner and lighter than carting a powder compact about, and you’re less likely to look like you’ve covered your face in a layer of chalk dust by the time the dinner’s served. I’d totally forgotten about blotting papers until I was on a shoot, recently, and the makeup artist whipped out a packet of them on set. Makes so much more sense than repeatedly powdering throughout the day – the skin stays fresh-looking and bright. These blotting papers, from DHC, cost £4. Find them online here.

halston heritage suede heels

We’ve splurged on the bag (in our minds) so let’s save on the shoes. They have to be chunky-heeled, if you’re going anywhere near grass (I spent last week’s wedding sinking repeatedly into the lawn, most annoying) and though – good lord – I am sorely tempted by these Nicholas Kirkwood laser-cut beauties, the Bobbie Suede Sandals from Halston Heritage (pictured above) are chic, sexy and a relative snip at £150. Find those here.

Right, I’m off. I didn’t realise that the sales were on – I’m in my element! I have one page open with dream holidays (doesn’t look like I’ll get the time to go away, but I’m still rooting for my stay-at-home-cation) and another with my fashion wishlist. There goes my early night…


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