Weleda Foot Balm: Saviour for Sore Feet

Weleda Foot Balm Review

Well, Weleda’s Foot Balm is something of a surprise hit! It’s not really the right time of year to be testing out refreshing, cooling foot products, but after a particularly hefty day of walking about in my Belstaff boots (low heel, but very structured and not much give) my soles were burning and my muscles were aching. I wanted something zingy and light but with enough slip to massage into my skin so that I could have a bit of a knead at those tendons and little crackly bones…

Weleda’s Foot Balm is the most perfect texture: quite thick and buttery, but instantly absorbing and any residue has disappeared within seconds. It’s amazing that it feels so nourishing and substantial to apply but there’s the tingle and freshness of a gel. It feels vaguely medicinal, in a way, like a healing cream rather than a beauty product, but that’s exactly what I wanted, really, so this properly hit the spot! If your main concern was dryness or cracked heels, then you might want something a little more moisturising, but if you’re in need of an all-round foot salve that you can treat your feet with at the end of a long day then this is great. Refreshing, comforting, mildly antibacterial to keep away unpleasant odours and, at £9.95, not too badly priced. I’ve had far more expensive potions and lotions for my feet that have done absolutely bugger all, so I wouldn’t begrudge the odd tenner for a really effective treatment.

Great for: skyscraper-heel-wearers, people who spend lots of their day standing up, walkers, gardeners, pretty much anyone with tired and sore feet! Not so great for: incredibly dry or cracked skin. You might need a little extra in the moisture department.

Weleda Foot Balm is £9.95 with free delivery at LookFantastic.com

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