What a LoveLeigh Package!

It’s no secret that we’re totally obsessed with our Nice Package! kit builder. It’s the best way to get the Benefaves we love for a price we love even more… and a super-cute makeup bag to boot! So what’s even better than building a custom kit of our makeup must-haves? Learning what our favorite beauty gurus put in their kits!


We recently caught up with the fabulous Kayleigh Noelle to find out what her Nice Package looks like, and we’re loving her picks. For her complexion choice, she went for the POREfessional. POREfessional is her go-to primer because it “smooths down the skin for a flawless look every time,” and we couldn’t agree more. Fine line disguising & pore zapping liquid velvet for the skin? Uhm, yes, please!

Kayleigh’s cheek choice is another classic—dallas face powder. The perfect outdoor glow for an indoor gal (uh, US!), Kayleigh loves dallas because it gives a nice flush of color to the cheeks & subtly adds warmth. Bonus about dallas? It’s both a blush & a bronzer—it can be used just on the apples of the cheeks for a flawless flush or all over for an even glow!

For her eye pick, Kayleigh went for—what else!?—they’re real! mascara! With its unique wand & ah-mazing formula, they’re real! is beyond mascara. Kayleigh loves it because “adds drama to the lashes as it curls & lengthens simultaneously.” We couldn’t agree more.

She finishes off her nice package with her free gift choice—hydrasmooth-lip color in nice ‘n teasy, our gorgeous rosy neutral shade. Kayleigh loves nice ‘n teasy because it “enhances natural lip color & gives shine,” which couldn’t be more on point. Nice ‘n teasy is the perfect everyday shade for those of us who like the enhance our natural beauty without going over the top.


It’s official—we didn’t think we could adore Kayleigh any more than we already did, but we definitely do! She chose all of our fabulous favorites & created a nice package right out of our dreams! The best part about nice package? You can create one just like Kayleigh’s, or one custom-designed just for you, with a full-size complexion, cheek & eye choice, plus a full-size free gift & a totally adorbs makeup bag, all for only $79! It’s the best of Benefit all for a steal. What are you waiting for, Benebabes!?

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