What’s In My Bag?

lk bennett handbag

Just to go alongside the “What’s In My Makeup Bag” post that went up earlier on this week; a snoop inside my handbag. My sister said when I took these photos – and I quote her directly – “this is the sh*ttest What’s In My Bag ever! Where’s all the makeup stuff?” But I don’t like to contrive my bag contents, and I suspect that is what happens quite a lot of the time – a carefully edited selection of beauty products and so on, that look pretty on the page and cover all of the bases. I just tend to tip my own bag upside down and see what’s going on – granted, I do often remove old pieces of tissue and cereal bar wrappers and so on, but for the most part it’s a true representation of that day’s contents.

whats in my handbag

So sorry if this really is the “sh*ttest” reveal ever – I’m getting my sister back by posting up the picture of her photobombing my still-life. Again, entirely unplanned – this should win some kind of photobombing award, I feel. Her head and arms have been perfectly framed!

And so, to the contents of my handbag. Which is the beautiful Jenna bag from LK Bennett – it also comes in white and hot pink, which would be lovely for spring! You can find it online here.

ruth crilly beauty blog

Firstly, let’s tackle all of the bumph: a five pound note, crumpled, some little hairbands in pastel colours (bottom left), my Nectar trolley token and a “Nakd” cereal bar. I eat loads of those cereal bars (well, about four a week, but that’s four more than I’d have eaten prior to being pregnant!) and I can imagine that non-pregnant they would taste quite foul – can anyone vouch for them? Like them? Hate them?

The scary dolly thing is my Marni Rose purse spray – some of your comments on this did make me laugh when I posted about it! I just love the scent, though, regardless of whether the packaging is cute or hideous – it’s a really interesting, non-girly kind of rose. Other beauty items: my Colab dry shampoo, which goes with me everywhere, and a Clinique Superbalm. There’s lots going on with Colab at the moment, all very exciting, but annoyingly you won’t see anything happen for a while because product developments take AGES. Lots of brainstorming and nit-picking (not literally) and lots of me being completely pedantic and a control freak. But if the things that come from all of this work are as brilliant as the Sheer & Invisible dry shampoo I will be a very happy lady – watch this space!

Clinique Superbalm – keep meaning to post on this. It’s just excellent, and quite a nice “dupe”for the Sisley in terms of effect and a little bit similar in texture. It just really does the job on chapped lips, I especially like it layered over their All About Lips cream, overnight. You can find it here.

louis vuitton agenda

What else, what else? Filofax, or Agenda as they say at Louis Vuitton: I bought this for myself about ten years ago, before luxury good prices were so utterly ridiculous. I’m pretty sure I paid just over a hundred pounds, and now they are about four hundred. What the heck? The refills alone cost £52 now! But it’s a ritual, buying them every January and I must say that the diary itself has lasted amazingly well – it looks brand new. Underneath the Agenda you can see my new camera, the Canon Powershot G7 X, which is brilliant – I always need a smaller camera to supplement the big, chunky, heavy Canon DSLR that I use when I’m at home. I can highly recommend the Powershot – the functions are amazing and it has a flip-up screen, too, if you’re into “vlogging” and need to see yourself… I bought mine from Amazon here.

mindful birthing nancy bardacke

The final piece of the handbag puzzle: a bit of light reading. (Ha!) Mindful Birthing by Nancy Bardacke. I won’t go too much into the whole birthing thing here (you can read my pregnancy diary entries and rambles over on my little blog The Uphill, which isn’t quite ready to see yet but I trust you’ll all be kind!) but so many people – friends, family, readers, Twitter followers – have said about Mindful Birthing and how it helped them and so I’m doing loads of reading. It’s basically about breathing and trying to stay calm and in control during birth and yes I know that loads of people will say that  “everything will go out of the window at the time” and “you have no idea what it’s like”, but I do think that we are bombarded with incredibly negative representations of birth, especially on television and in the media. And in my own immediate family and friends group, the birth stories have been overwhelmingly positive, so that’s how I’m setting my mind. There will be more discussion on this topic over on The Uphill very soon!

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