Why Sephora Skipping the UK is No Big Deal

Why Sephora Skipping the UK is No Big Deal

They say good things come to those who wait and apparently us Brits have not only been patient but also on our best behaviour, as not one but three long awaited U.S exports will be hitting the shores and shelves of our little cluster of islands in a matter of weeks. With so many of the once hard to come by brands setting up shop on our fair isles, you can somewhat understand why more and more British beauty consumers are non-plussed about Sephora skipping out on our territory.

Perhaps the most exciting and eagerly anticipated news within the beauty world is that Glossier is branching out and into the UK (I imagine it will be a case of ordering online rather than a physical stockist) as announced on the brands Twitter earlier this month. The downside is there is no exact date but I’d imagine it will be sooner rather than later as up until now it has always been a case of “watch this space”. Until the launch date is announced you could bribe a U.S friend or family member to send you products, book flights to New York (like I need an excuse) or if course patiently construct a product wish list.

Why Sephora Skipping the UK is No Big Deal

Buxom is once again back in the U.K via Debenhams and I for one welcome it with open arms. Unlike other UK expansions, Buxom have brought their entire range to the British shores which includes lipstick, eyeshadow, bronzer and more. I’ve mentioned it before but I truly believe that there is no lipstick more comfortable than the Buxom Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick – I personally prefer the matte finish but I can attest that once you purchase one tube there’s no going back. Where said tube of mine happens to be currently residing is anyone’s guess but trust me when I say this is easily one of the most underrated beauty products of all time.

Why Sephora Skipping the UK is No Big Deal

Last but not least, E.L.F is taking another run at the U.K market via Superdrug (and online), from the 3rd of May. You may recall around five years ago E.L.F was the budget beauty brand of choice for many a blogger and for some reason best known to those more curious than I, it was pulled. Last Summer I did hastily purchase a good few items in NYC – mainly because I could – and I will say that on the whole the brand can be a little hit and miss. I find they do cream textures better than they do powders but there is no denying that for budget brushes they are pretty unbeatable and I do think that their new-ish skincare additions could offer luxury ingredients and technology at a low cost.

Sephora who? Am I right? I’m kidding of course but it is great to see more brands expand properly into the U.K. Who do you think will be next? I’m hoping Lorac and maybe the odd Cover Girl collection may be made available here – I realise the latter is a pipe dream given we have Max Factor but I would argue that Cover Girl feels more youthful in message than its sister brand?

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