Winter-Proof Beauty

We winter-proof our cars, gardens & wardrobes, so why not our faces? Every beauty-loving lady knows the struggle: you put a perfectly flawless face on in the morning, and by the time you get to work, your foundation is spotty, your mascara is running & your liner is smudged. No matter what part of the country you live in, rain & snow take a serious toll on your winter-time beauty. So how do you keep your makeup from looking like a hot mess when the weather gets cold?

It all starts, as always, with the foundation. As soon as our foundation starts to run, there’s no way to REALLY fix it without washing it off completely and starting from scratch. Thankfully, we’ve found that water-resistant stay flawless! primer makes our foundation—liquid or powder—hold, even when the weather outside is frightful.


The cheek solution is easy. We’ve always known that Benefit tints hold on for dear life, so it’s a no-brainer that they’re the best flush when the weather is damp. We’re foggy-city girls, so we’re well-used to the moisture trying to destroy our makeup all day long—and the tints keep our flush sexy & smooth all day. An added bonus with the tints: they also provide the perfect, subtle, all-day lip color.


Perhaps the most important stay-still beauty essentials are mascara & liner, ’cause nothing ruins your look like a big black smudge. When we know that the moisture will be plentiful, we stick with BADgal waterproof liner. And when combined with they’re real! mascara, your eye glam will be unstoppable. Trust us—when we checked our compact after 30 minutes stuck at the bus stop in a downpour yesterday, there wasn’t a stray smudge to be seen! Our hair may have been totally ruined, but our eye game was STRONG.


We’ve definitely pinned down our winter-time makeup essentials. What products do you rely on to get you through the storm?

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