Your Favourite MAC Lipsticks in Fragrance Form

MAC Velvet Teddy Shadescent Eau de Parfum Review

If you have grown a little tired of the conventional fragrance launch – I mean there’s only so much frolicking in a field one can take – and long for something a little more original, the release of the six new MAC Scentshade Eau de Parfums may somewhat excite you, both in terms of scent and concept.

MAC of course are not synonymous with the world of fragrance, sure they’ve dabbled with a few sleeper hits along the way but nothing has really reached cult status. This is not a criticism, what MAC are renowned for is lipstick and cosmetics in general, something they execute very well – we’ve all at the very least dreamt about owning a MAC lipstick or two haven’t we? As such, I do believe that the reason MAC have held off from focusing their attention on the world of fragrance is that they wanted to wait to ensure they not only really made their mark, but also combine the world of make-up and fragrance as one. Arguably MAC have did just that, the new MAC Scentshade Eau de Parfums does just that – not only are there six new scents to choose from but they have been created to capture the essence of six of their best selling lipstick shades. In a word genius.

From what I have gathered, the idea is that using certain MAC lipstick shades they have translated how wearing each shade makes the wearer feel – for instance we have MAC My Heroine Eau de Parfum which in my opinion evokes a sense of self belief, think of it as a fragrance power-suit. Something you can mist on for an added boost of confidence via a rich, robust top note of leather. Then there is the sexy yet sultry burst of patchouli which dominates MAC Lady Danger Eau de Parfum and the bright, candy, tutti-fruity inspired punch MAC Candy Yum Yum Eau de Parfum which is great for those with a sweet tooth or those looking to brighten up the dullest of days.

As an avid wearer of MAC Velvet Teddy in lipstick form and as such this was always going to be the first of the six Scentshade fragrances I tried. Now if I was to negatively comment on anything about the MAC Scentshades, it would be the ambiguity of the note structure of each creation; it is very vague with each description divulging no more than two accents, which if purchasing online could be off putting. MAC Velvet Teddy is said to be a blend of Honey and creamy musk but I feel it has a kick of Tobacco leaf and perhaps bitter chocolate too. If you are familiar with Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and Thierry Mulgler Alien Eau de Parfume, and if you can somewhat imagine them combined, you pretty much have MAC Velvet Teddy Scentshade Eau de Parfum. I personally love it – it reminds me of two of my favourite fragrance ever but if my Instagram feed back is anything to go by, this is very much a make love or loathe scent but hey wouldn’t life be boring if we all liked the same things?

MAC Scentshade fragrance here for £35/50ml (currently £31.50 at the moment)

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