Yours, Mrs Relaxed.

ruth crilly beach walking

Dear Readers, I am too chilled out to even raise a glass of water to my face, let alone write a proper post. Daily schedule has been: wake up, breakfast, lie by the pool with my Kindle, lunch, lie by the pool with my Kindle, nap, lie by the pool with my Kindle, shower, dinner, read my Kindle, bed. I have been having a marvellous time! It seems I have finally learnt to switch off – aided, no doubt, by the fact that I have had my iPhone locked up in the safe and it has run out of battery.

I’ll be back full-throttle next week, but may surprise you with the odd coherent post in the meantime – I have some burning issues to discuss with you all. (Wasps, Cormoran Strike and the longevity of Barry M nail polish, to name but a few.)


Mrs Relaxed.


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