Zest for Life – For Less than Half Price!

zest for life set space nk

Oooh, we all need a bit of zing and zest to get us through January, don’t we? Crap weather, dark, chilly mornings and a seemingly endless number of weeks until we get to anything exciting, calendar-wise. (What is the next good event after Christmas? The clocks going forward? When is that? Someone winch me up and out of my pit of despair!)

So yes, Space NK’s Zest for Life set. I was going to write about this when it was full price (£28) and forgot; it was then on my list of priorities when it was half price, but I forgot again. It is now less than half price at nine pounds and I very much suggest snapping one up if you need a little self-treat that won’t break the bank. Or if you’ve a few birthdays coming up it’s a nice one to stockpile. It’s actually a third of the original price, which is rather pleasing…

zest for life set space nk

This set is a veritable tin of sunshine: open the lid and a load of bright orange tissue paper springs out to reveal four little goodies hiding inside. There’s a Mandarin & Grapefruit candle, and then a body lotion, body wash and body scrub, all smelling very juicy and fresh and invigorating. If you had a shower using this lot you couldn’t fail to have a slightly happier morning.

No sulphates in the shower stuff, no parabens in any of it, if you’re on the lookout for those, and the candle is so scented that you could probably just leave it unlit in a room to get a good whiff – light it and it’s like the room-fragrance version of a fizzy Berocca! Find the Zest for Life set at Space NK here.

(On a side note, the own-brand candles at Space NK are really very good indeed. I shall be looking out for them more, from now on – the Christmas one was lovely with a sophisticated fragrance and pretty jar.)

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