Pretty Things to Sleep In: La Maison de Senteurs

la maison de senteurs

I made a rather lovely new discovery whilst browsing the Marks and Spencer Nightwear rails; they are now stocking a beautiful range of lightweight, cotton pyjamas and night-dresses under the brand name “La Maison de Senteurs“. Having very recently moved into a barn (temporarily, whilst my own house is knocked about and added to), the rustic, Country Living style of this range appeals to me no end. It’s all muted tones, crisp white cotton and broderie anglaise trim – as far as you could possibly get from my usual style, but pregnancy does seem to have done odd things to me and I’m finding myself drawn – inexplicably – to things that are pretty and borderline-virginal.

la maison de senteurs

Anyway, I treated myself to this little number: the Pure Cotton Floral Embroidered Chemise, largely because it looked OK over my bump but also because it made me feel like the kind of girl who might spend all day reading in the bedroom window of her parents’ farmhouse in rural South of France, waiting for some strapping young lad to come back from a day in the fields and ravish her. (Where the hell did that come from?!) Alternatively, back in the real world, it’s the kind of nightdress that makes you feel nicely summery and optimistic – it’s like the sleepwear equivalent of freshly-laundered cotton sheets. Just add a little jar of lavender sprigs to sit on your bedside table and the idyll is complete…

You can find the whole Maison de Senteurs range online here – I’m going back later to pick up a little matching dressing gown!

la maison de senteurs

Also gorgeous – but I have to admit I’m a bit cross about the fact these went into the sale days after I bought them full price – are the Rosie for Autograph bits and pieces. I bought the Floral Cuffed Hem pyjama bottoms (£14 in the sale here), which are unbelievably comfy – and I like the way that the ankle cuffs stop them from ruching up my legs at night – and the Cocoon Wrap with Cashmere, here, which was £35 when I bought it but is now £17. Bloody, bloody hell. I do like a bit of dedicated “night” knitwear- slouchy jumpers and wraps that are just for lounging in and throwing on over your pyjamas. I only started getting into the whole loungewear-layering thing after I discovered Hush, the bible for comfortable-yet-chic dressing. I haven’t yet done a proper springtime blast on the Hush website – stay tuned for my seasonal splurge!

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Palette make up for Ever

arty_blossom_palette_closed_45905 The Arty Blossom Palette is offering 8 fresh and trendy eye shadows in a variety of soft, iridescent and satiny textures suited to the Spring Season. This limited edition has a new formula of luminous eye shadows that ensures buildable coverage and perfect blendability for a sophisticated bright make up result. The palette comes in a wide range of trendy soft shades: 6 limited editions made of Gold Plum, Gold Beige, Fresh Peach, Fresh Pink, Fresh Pink, Pearly White and 2 existing shades Metallic Copper and Pearly Turquoise. A collector palette that evokes romanticism & femininity with an artsy twist to create a luminous and translucent beauty look for eyes, lips and face. The palette includes 2 exclusive mini eye brushes with “new cutting edge synthetic fibers arty_blossom_palette_45905 How to apply For a Smoky Look: 1 – Apply Gold Plum to the entire eyelid using brush 226P. Apply the same shade to the lower lash line. 2 – Using brush 214P, apply Metallic Copper to the eyelid crease and blend in with Gold Plum . Apply the same shade to the lower lash line and blend in with Gold Plum. For a natural look: 1 – Apply Fresh Pink to the entire eyelid using brush 226P. 2 – Using brush 214P, apply Fresh Peach to the eyelid crease and blend in with Fresh Pink. 3 – Apply Aqua Eyes 11L pencil to the upper lash line. For a Fan Shape Look: 1 – Using brush 226P, apply Pearly White to the inner corner of the upper eyelid. 2 – Apply Pearly Turquoise Blue to the center of the upper eyelid, as an intermediary shade. 3 – Apply Gold Green to the outer corner of the upper eyelid and blend in with previously applied Pearly Turquoise Blue. For a Sophisticated Look: 1 – Apply Gold Plum to the entire eyelid using brush 226P. 2 – Using brush 214P, apply Gold Beige to the eyelid crease and blend in with Gold Plum. 3 – Using Aqua Eyes 11L pencil, draw a clear line along the upper lashes, extending it to give the eyes an almond shape. For a Two Colors Look: 1 – Using brush 226P, apply Gold Beige from the inner corner of the eye to the center of the upper eyelid. 2 – Apply Metallic Copper from the outer corner of the eye to the center of the upper eyelid and blend in with Gold Beige

Beauty & Baubles & Bling, Oh My!

We’ve peeked into your future and it’s looking gorgeous! Benefit’s spectacular seer, Simone, worked night & day on three dazzling Benefit x BaubleBar kits that are certain to make  your wishes for beauty & baubles come true!


Are you dreaming of REAL romance & a rosy future? It’s guaranteed with this fab set! A perfectly dainty BaubleBar XO necklace with they’re real! mascara & benetint deluxe minis will have you in love at first sight. Trust us, this one won’t be on the market for long. 😉

If sparkle, shine & all things fine are what you’re after, a dazzling future is in the cards! Two sets of mega-glam BaubleBar earrings plus high beam and posietint deluxe minis are sure to have you lighting up the night (AND the day!).

And if love, luck & long lashes are all you desire, your good fortune starts here! You’ll be looking fab in ’15 with BaubleBar cone bracelets in gold & rose gold and a smoldering they’re real! mascara stare! Did someone just said fabulash!? Oh wait, that was us. 😉

And for only $34 each, these sets are totally heart-eye emoji—we know there are still two weeks until Valentine’s Day, but we think we’re in love!


But Simone didn’t stop there, she’s working her mystical magic on Twitter, too! Tweet @BenefitBeauty with #flawlessfortunes & Simone will peer into her crystal ball to reveal your pretty prophecy for the year!

So tell us, Benebabes, are you ready to Bauble with Benefit for a flawless ’15!?

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A REAL Google Hangout!

We want to tell you a little secret… we really like you, Benebabes. So much that—if we had the chance—we’d like to hang out with you every day IRL. We could do each other’s makeup, tell some saucy jokes & order a large cheese plate with a chilled bottle of rosé. We’d invite our hilarious & gorgeous Global Beauty Authorities Maggie & Annie Ford-Danielson and generally have the best. day. ever. But since we can’t do that every day, we thought the next best thing would be to host a Google Hangout with our friends at Birchbox for our Benebabe fam, filled with giggles & giveaways!



What: Our first-ever Google Hangout, featuring how-tos with they’re real! push-up liner

Who: Benefit’s Global Beauty Authorities Maggie & Annie Ford-Danielson (daughters & nieces of our founders) + Birchbox

When: Wednesday, August 6 at 1 p.m. PT

Where: Birchbox’s Google+ Event Page

How to Participate: RSVP & then join us on 8/6 @ 1 p.m. PT. (Note: You’ll need a Google+ account to join. Learn how to set one up here.)

How to WIN Big: Follow @BenefitBeauty & @Birchbox on Twitter and ask questions during the chat w/ #AskBenefit + #Giveaway for a chance to win 10 they’re real! push-up liners! We’ll also be doing special giveaways during the chat.

Will we see you there, Benebabes!? We promise a REAL good time 🙂

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