Make Up Geek Warm Toned Eyeshadows Review

Make Up Geek Warm Toned Eyeshadows

The praise for Make Up Geek Eyeshadows is phenomenal and being the ever doubtful gal that I am, it took my pretty time to both read up on reviews and of course to finally splurge out on a few. I say splurge when really at just £6 a shade they are a complete steal and truly worthy of every word of admiration and then some; to try is to believe the hype but if you need a little further encouragement let me share no less than 21 shades, and of course more than a few thoughts.

Make Up Geek Warm Toned Eyeshadows
Make Up Geek Warm Toned Eyeshadows

To keep the cost low and of course to offer complete flexibility in terms of storage, the Make Up Geek Eyeshadows come presented in the typical re-fill pan style (a la MAC et al), a.k.a the eyeshadow has no additional packaging other than the outer cardboard sleeve so that it can be slotted into any palette or storage system you wish. I personally store my shadows in a large Z Palette (which you can find here) and find it works really well: I can have three rows of seven eyeshadows with space, or around 30 pans if I go for more ad hoc set up – either way it is a great investment and keeps everything safe and secure. On a related note, if you have a few empty spaces within an existing MAC Palette, the Make Up Geek Shadows will comfortably fit into the pre-cut slots – and of course any other magnetic eyeshadow palette you may have.

Make Up Geek Warm Toned Eyeshadows
Make Up Geek Warm Toned Eyeshadows

Before I share swatches and a general run down of the 21 shadows I have collected over the last few months, let’s discuss the formula. The good news is that regardless of what shade you decide to purchase, the Make Up Geek Eyeshadows are consistent: soft, beyond pigmented, easy to blend with moderate fall out – they give brands such as Urban Decay a run for their money. The down side of a soft formulation is that they are prone to easily shattering – take a quick look at my Crème Brulee pan, I accidentally dropped it onto a soft rug, the fall would have been no less than 3ft and it all but exploded all over the floor. Not great, especially if you plan on travelling with the pans – which I actively avoid for said reason. Other than that, I will go on record and say that this is the best eyeshadow formulation that you will find for £6. Continue reading


Caudalie Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum Review

This serum has such an average formulation that the price just seems to be in bad taste. This contains mostly water, slip agents, emollient, thickener, vitamin E, plant extracts, fragrance, and film-forming agent. The small amount of grape extract means that this product likely has minimal antioxidant ability—and what about skin-identical substances, cell-communicating ingredients, or an anti-irritant or two? All of those are hallmarks of state-of-the-art serums, which this product certainly is not.

Note: This serum is dispensed via a dropper applicator. Although not the ideal method to dispense a serum that contains light- and air-sensitive ingredients, sometimes this type of packaging is necessary due to formulary requirements. When that’s the case, the goal is to keep the bottle opening as small as possible, the bottle should be opaque or specially coated to protect the contents from light, and you should use the serum up within three months of opening.

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Regain Your Hair Health & Confidence With TRX2: A Natural Way To Boost Your ‘Do


Fewer things can have such a negative impact on our confidence than that of thinning hair. A thick, flowing and shiny hair style is associated with youth and vitality – so it’s no surprise it’s what we all continually strive towards, and spend millions of pounds trying to achieve every single year. Although you can suffer with thin and weak hair at any point in your life, it’s increasingly common as we age and our bodies are no longer able to perform at their best; with so much focus placed on keeping our organs working and our limbs moving, the hair is unfortunately one of the first things to take a back seat. A sparse hair line or limp and lifeless locks can have a significant negative impact on our confidence and self-worth, but you don’t have to ignore the symptoms and resign yourself to a life not lived to the full (in the hair sense.) There are solutions that have been designed to help and are scientifically proven to make a difference: one of which is TRX2.

Created with the expertise of Oxford Biolabs scientists, TRX2 is a natural hair loss supplement providing scientifically-proven support for anyone suffering from the confidence draining effects of hair thinning. Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, hormones and diet; TRX2 is a hair thinning treatment specifically designed for those suffering from the early stages of hair loss and consists of natural substances that our body normally produces at sufficient levels in healthy hair, but at insufficient quantities in those who experience hair thinning. The system involves a topical solution and a supplement to be taken daily, which together can provide results from both the inside and outside; the result is a healthy and fuller head of hair in as little as twelve weeks.

If you’re interested in the science bit, then each hair follicle contains potassium channels – small pore-forming protein structures through which vital nutrients are transported to the hair follicle membrane. Over time these begin to wear out, gradually inhibiting the transport of essential nutrients that encourage healthy hair growth; the result is thinner and more fragile hair. TRX2 cleverly works by re-activating tired and clogged up potassium channels so they’re able to absorb essential nutrients and support the production of strong, healthy hair. Suitable for vegetarians and free from artificial colours, gluten and preservatives, TRX2 is also drug-free, meaning unwanted side-effects are limited.Although it looks super clinical, it’s an incredibly easy way to manage thinning hair (for optimum results just take three supplements a day with food, and massage in a few drops of the lightweight non-greasy serum to the scalp twice a day) and is full of goodness that our bodies need.

As hair thinning is such a misunderstood and rather taboo topic, I want to give ten readers the chance to put this double-whammy solution to the test over the next six months – to see how much of a difference it could make to you, and your confidence levels. If you’re interested in trialing TRX2 over the coming months and sharing your progress with me, then simply fill in the form below and we’ll pick ten readers to undertake the trial. (Applications close midnight 9th April 2017.) Having seen some of the incredible ‘before and after’ photos online, I’ve no doubt this simple solution can make a big difference to some of you suffering in silence.

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By agreeing to be part of the trial you’re committing to using the product daily for a duration of up to six months; you’re also agreeing to document your progress and answer bi-monthly questionnaires, and for your responses to be used within a future blog post as well as within marketing material. All responses are anonymous and full names will not be published.

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