There’s a little story about this brand. I signed up to a site called Blogger’s Hub a little while ago, out of curiosity more than anything. Their mailers begin with “Brands Are Waiting To Gift You”. Now, I thought that perhaps I could access brands from other countries which are much harder to source from the UK than anything that’s readily stocked here, and sure enough, after several of these emails (offering to gift anything from scarves and jewellery to cosmetics), I found Artonitmakeup. Which looks absolutely amazing – different, at least and certainly something we don’t have in the UK. So, I ticked the ‘Gift Me’ box, which led to a form asking which products I’d like to be ‘gifted’, so I filled that out too, with my name, address and blog. I got an email this morning from the brand, Artonitmakeup, saying they ‘gift’ 3 bloggers per month; “We will send your information to our marketing department. They will choose 3 bloggers a month to review our products. If you are selected an email requesting your shipping address will be sent by 1/28/2015. Wishing you all the luck!!!” Which, I think you will agree, is a very different… Read More

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Pregnancy Body Oils: Mustela Stretch Marks Care

mustela stretch mark oil

I’ve been testing out quite a few pregnancy body oils recently and I thought I’d start reporting back on a few of them. Now I know that opinion is divided on stretch mark oils, but I do feel that prevention is better than cure when it comes to these things, and besides that I now quite enjoy the routine of oiling myself up on a nightly basis! So I’m getting through quite a few different “stretch mark” oils and have also been testing standard, everyday body oils and creams too.

First on the agenda, French pharmacy brand Mustela. There are four products in my little line-up – a bust cream, oil, stretch mark cream and comforting leg treatment – but it’s the “Stretch Marks Care Oil” that I want to talk about. It’s a great option if you’re avoiding essential oils (that’s a whole other post – I’ve been generally sticking to dedicated maternity products if I want to have a little essential oils action, as the oils have been specially chosen and blended) and it has a sunflower and avocado oil base rather than being mostly mineral oil. Out of nearly all of the oils I’ve tried so far, this one (and another very affordable one that I picked up in M&S!) have given me the silkiest skin. In fact, I used the Mustela oil on my lower legs and the following morning they were so shiny and smooth that I thought I’d shaved them. I hadn’t, as closer inspection revealed (I am the laziest leg-shaver, I do it about once a month) but they had the same post-shave feeling.

pregnancy stretch mark oil review

The only thing that annoys the hell out of me, with this oil, is that the stupid spray nozzle thing only releases a small droplet of oil at a time. Unless that’s just a fault with my bottle. It means that you have to stand there squirting pointless dribbles of oil onto a belly that has the surface area of a planet, which needless to say takes about three hours. After my first, frustrated use I simply took the whole spray apparatus out and poured the oil into the palms of my hand, which works fine, but they should probably consider re-packaging this with a pouring lid or something.

Anyway, small gripe: you can find the Mustela range on, the oil is currently priced at £9.96. The other creams and whatnots are nice, too, but it’s the oil that’s a stand-out product for me.

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The RugbyForce Changing Rooms challenge

The RugbyForce Changing Rooms challenge – see video at full screen