Glowing All Winter Long.

It seems oddly inappropriate with this freakish snowstorm that we’re currently having to be talking about showing some skin – and tanned skin at that. But, seeing as spring still feels an eternity away, I think we all deserve a little self-care and self-love in the form of glowy golden skin, even if you’re the only one who sees it. A tan cheers me up. It makes me feel a little more confident. It puts a spring in my step.

After being stuck indoors with a brand new little human for the past 3 months, I am so READY for spring and summer adventures. but until then, I can shop online and apply gradual tan to my heart’s content. I’ve been using two products for this, one for face and one for body. They’re equally fantastic and work a treat at turning my vitamin D lacking pallor into something a little more healthy.


The Tropic Sun Drops Gradual Tanning Facial Serum is a booster serum that you add to your regular daily moisturiser to instantly give a little warmth and glow whilst gradually tanning the skin over several days.

The serum is incredibly intense and a little scary at first glance, but don’t be afraid like I was! It dilutes right into your everyday moisturiser and application is as easy as pie. Suitable for tanning pros and first-timers alike.

Tropic say to use 2-3 drops for a subtle tint, or 4-6 drops for a more sun-kissed glow. I only ever use 2 drops at a time to go slow with the gradual tan developing. I have used this at most for three days in a row so far and I really loved the colour it gave to my skin, it evened out redness and made blemish marks seem less harsh. I don’t wear makeup regularly at the moment, so this has been great for making me feel a bit better when I catch myself in the mirror after being up 4 times in the night 😉


Aloe Vera Juice, Coconut Water, Sugar Beet DHA Skin Tanner, Plant Allo-Melanin, Plant Derived Humectant, Vegetable Glycerin, Jojoba Esters, Plant Erythrulose, Caramel, Radish Root Extract, Passion Fruit Extract, Corn Sugar Derived Gum, Gentle Preservatives from Basil and Star Anise, Lactic Acid, Phytic Acid


For lacklustre limbs, we have the Eco by Sonya Winter Skin Gradual Tanning Moisturiser. I’ve been using this on and off for ages now and the bottle is still going strong, so that’s a huge win right off the bat.

I originally bought this in September last year to apply it a couple of times before our holiday so that I wouldn’t be so shockingly pale next to all the gloriously tanned Spanish folk and of course the crispy brown Britons who sunbathe from sunrise until sunset. You know the ones. Upon first use, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the moisturiser is, in fact, more of a thin lotion consistency that makes application quick and easy, no spreading a thick cream over the skin and massaging it in for half an hour only for it to gather at your ankles and turn them 5 shades darker. It sinks in quickly and you’re free to get dressed and go about your day, or evening, without feeling sticky.

The colour transformation is subtle and does take a good few days to build up to that ‘beautiful honey complexion’ mentioned on the bottle, but I like that! It’s much less scary waking up in the morning to a subtle tan rather than a patchy orange disaster.

At the moment I only use this once a week, during the 15 minutes or so every 168 hours that I get to myself to have a mini pamper routine; apply a face mask, moisturise, and maybe even brush my hair. Glorious. The boost in colour lasts a few days, even after showering, and like I said before, it’s not necessary for winter really, but it makes me feel good, so screw it!

Cosmetics Trends of 2013

I read this article from SupplySide Insights, in which experts and companies are predicting what the trends for cosmetics in 2016 will be.  Not to sound overly critical, but some of these trends are pretty stupid.

  1. Classic Cool Colors – Um…doesn’t the word “classic” imply that it will never go out of style?  Maybe it went through a tough breakup with warm colors, left the apartment, traveled the world, and now it’s back, kicking ass with cool colors?  Nevertheless, experts predict that 2013 will bring bright, deep, metallic red eyeshadows and eyeliners.  Black will be infused with silver or gray mica, and dark blue will work for nails.  I kinda like the dark blue nails…but red eyeshadow?  Too vampy for me…
  2. Cosmetic Kits – Self-explanatory.  When you’re lazy or clueless (like me), a kit is perfect to help prettify yourself.  Also, great gifts for Christmas.   Can I make my own customizable kits?  Was that an idea for a new start-up?  You can thank me later.
  3. Green Packaging – Finally!  This has been trending for all of 2015, so I’m glad to say many companies are *finally* getting the hint and converting to greener packaging.  Greener packaging meant more cost, but the desire to protect and save the environment, driven by consumers, are now driving R&D towards innovation and lower costs.  This should have been the trend every year
  4. Natural Ingredients for Face – Seriously…people have been fighting for natural ingredients since forever.  So glad companies are using ingredients that are beneficial and safe for us and our planet.
  5. Multi-Functional Cosmetic Products – Yes!  Multiple uses for my mascara!  BB cream that also act as primers, SPF, and moisturizer…AND it doesn’t clog my skin!  Do such products exist?  YES!  Consumers demand everything, and eventually companies will make it!  Let’s just hope it doesn’t cost an arm & a leg.


Bath and Body Works Mad About You Body Lotion Review

The fragrance from Bath and Body Works “Mad About You” is fairly new, it just came out past February. Read ahead for more details.

bath and body works mad about you body lotion

Product Description:

America’s #1 Body Lotion just got better! With 2x the moisture and 3x the Shea, our enhanced lotion contains more of what skin loves, leaving it feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished. Fortified with nutrient-rich ingredients like protective Vitamin E and fast absorbing Jojoba Oil, our ultra-nourishing formula delivers 16 hours of continuous moisture.  A love-struck pairing of soft peonies and black currant kissed with creamy vanilla musk.


Key Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: Black Currant, Luscious Strawberry, Sparkling Cassis
Mid Notes: Ginger Lily, Bright Peony, Pink Jasmine
Dry Notes: Amber Wood, White Patchouli, Vanilla Musk

Our exclusive Mad About You fragrance captures the rush of falling truly, madly, deeply in love.  Our triple moisture body cream is the perfect deep, daily moisturizer.  Provides 16 hours of continuous moisture.  Infused with Shea butter and with your exclusive Daily Moisture Complex of protective Vitamin E, Aloe and conditioning Vitamin B5.  Non greasy formula absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished.





Okay, I am a sucker for pretty and cute packaging and this also has won my heart. This lotion has such sweet and simple feminine packaging which I would have even bought without even sniffing it :P It’s a transparent bottle with a silver color cap which you press the top to dispense product. The lotion is itself a very light pink color, so the bottle looks like it is that color too. The packaging also has “Mad About You” written on very pretty looking flowers. I am really glad BBW has new style bottles, I really got bored with the old packaging.

My Experience with Bath and Body Works Mad About You Body Lotion:

Before I bought this product, I had tried samples of this, so I knew what I was getting into. I received some free samples from my friend who had received these sample bottles even before the product came out. Ever since I became a fan of this scent and just had to go out and buy it.

bath and body works mad about you body lotion

Whenever I buy any type of lotion, the scent is always the main factor for me. The scent of this is just amazing! It is a smell which is hard to describe, something of various flowers and fruits and fruits – something sort of roses, jasmine, and berries. I just love how the scent lingers on my skin many hours later. I get so many compliments from my husband :D. I apply lotion all over my body after shower most mornings and when I return home around 6 or 7 o’clock I can still smell it all over me, though it is not as strong as it first smells, but it is still lightly there which is longer than usual lotions.

bath and body works mad about you body lotion

The consistency of this lotion is fairly thick. It is definitely not runny and when applied it goes on thick. It feels a bit too thick when applying but my skin absorbs it quickly and after some time, the thick heavy feeling is gone. I have combination skin tone but it mostly depends on the season. My skin tends to be on the dry side in the winter since most of my time is spent in central heaters so my skin over dries. I have been trying out this product since this winter and it has kept my skin from drying up and instead I am left with soft and supple feeling skin. Even after 6 to 7 hours, my skin still looks and feels moisturized. I do not have to worry about re-application (except for my hands). It works exceptionally well for dry elbows, knees, and heels. For the price of this product, I think it is definitely worth it and even currently BBW is having a huge sale so all you ladies must take advantage.

Pros of Bath and Body Works Mad About You Body Lotion:

  • Smells very refreshing and fruity.
  • Provides perfect amount of moisture for skin.
  • Perfect for winter time use.
  • Moisture lasts a long time.
  • Lingering scent, stays on skin for hours.
  • Pretty packaging.

Cons of Bath and Body Works Mad About You Body Lotion:

  • Consistency can be a bit on the thick side.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend Bath and Body Works Mad About You Body Lotion?

Yes, I recommend. When I compare this with my other BBW lotions, this one has given me much better results.

Would I Repurchase Bath and Body Works Mad About You Body Lotion?

Yes, I would repurchase this.

Easy Festival Makeup and The Quickest Smokey Eye

youtube makeup tutorial

I’ve been a bit out of sorts for the past few days, so apologies for the lack of post yesterday, I know how many of you look forward to the Sunday Tittle Tattle! I’ll be back into the swing of things shortly, but for now here’s the latest video – a very quick and easy smokey eye look. I’ve called it “Festival Makeup” but – in all honestly – that’s only because I filmed it as everyone was trotting off to Glastonbury. It’s a great little look for just about any occasion; slightly grungy and undone.

The most festival-appropriate part of the look is the incredibly quick smokey eye – you could smudge this about on your face even if you were half cut, lying in your tent, squinting at the person next to you and wondering whether you’d landed in a parallel universe. Or whatever it is that happens at festivals. All you need – for the smokey eye look – is one of those jumbo eye pencils, and there are loads of them about, and a blending brush. The brush does make things a little neater, but you could just as easily smudge using fingertips or a cotton bud. Or – and I’m improvising here, because of the festival theme – a small twig wrapped in a piece of napkin. Or the pointy end of a (clean, unwrapped) Lil-lets tampon. Good grief, imagine a picture of yourself doing that ending up on Instagram! But would it work? I feel a new video coming on…

Enough of my ridiculous speculating: here’s the video. I’ve listed the products beneath the screen, for easy reference.

Products Used:

Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in shade 52, Vanille:

Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Light Medium:

L’Oreal Glam Bronze Cushion de Soleil:

Louise Young Foundation Brush LY34:

NARS Laguna Bronzer:

Rimmel Scandaleyes in 03 Bronze:

228 Luxe Crease Brush from Zoeva:

Miss Hippie Mega Volume Mascara:

Charlotte Tilbury Barbarella Eye Pencil:

Charlotte Tilbury Nude Kate Lipstick:

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