Prada Candy Eau de Parfum

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum Prada Candy Eau de Parfum Prada Candy Eau de Parfum

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum 20ml – £24.99 – Fragrance Direct

Prada Amber is one of my all time favourite perfumes, and I decided to purchase a bottle of Prada Candy after getting a sample in an online order. Prada Candy is quite an expensive fragrance, so I decided to purchase the full size when I spotted that they’d recently launched a purse-friendly 20ml bottle. Prada Candy contains top notes of musk, an heart of benzoin and a base of sweet caramel. With a name like Candy, it was always going to be a sweet scent but it’s actually a little warmer than I expected it to be due to the caramel.

I love the bottle design of the miniature bottle, as it looks identical to the full size bottles except a little smaller but 20ml is still a decent amount of fragrance and it’s the perfect size for carrying around in your handbag or taking away on holiday. Prada Amber is completely different to Prada Candy, as Amber is a stunning woody scent which is more of a statement scent but Candy is a softer, sweeter fragrance in comparison. The bottles for Amber and Candy couldn’t be more different, but they both are gorgeous scents.

I would describe Candy as being a younger type of scent, and if you like Britney Spears Fantasy or Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy, I think you’d really like this fragrance but I couldn’t imagine my mum wearing it as it’s so sweet but the branding for Candy is very much targeted towards the younger generation although it’s pretty pricey considering its target audience. In my opinion, Prada Candy is more of a day scent and it’s not particularly long wearing at around the three to four hour mark but I love it so I don’t mind reapplying, but Prada Amber is incredibly long lasting in comparison. Overall, I am really pleased that I bought the Prada Candy Eau de Parfum as it’s a gorgeous, girly fragrance especially for Summer.

Where To Buy Safe Cosmetics

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics released a report on retailers last week (you can find that here), but I know most people don’t want to read 27 pages of research methods, background information, and insights.  So…here I am, making your life a little easier by summarizing the findings.  Happy holidays, you’re welcome.

The gist:  Retailers are gatekeepers of consumer products.  So they should look out for consumers’ safety and reject products that are unsafe, right?  Wrong.  The report went into details about some of the largest retailers’ practices and policies, noting whether they are doing their job in protecting consumers’ health and reducing the public’s exposure to hazardous chemicals.

The criteria:

  1. Is there a policy addressing or eliminating chemicals of concern?
  2. Is there a safer alternative in the store?
  3. Is the store transparent about their safety goals and policies?

The results:  The report looked at 8 major retailers:  Whole Foods, CVS, Walgreens, Target, Macy’s, Walmart, Costco, and Kroger.  Here’s the result (from best to worst):

  1. Whole Foods – proactive in setting the bar high for safety standards and has its goals very public.  The retailer also has strict guidelines for its vendors, screening out products that are bad for consumers.
  2. CVS – also public about its own safety standards mission, but needs more safer alternatives and be more strict about safety standards of its suppliers.
  3. Walgreens, Target – not aggressive enough in adhering to safety standards considering these stores sell plenty of safe and natural alternative products.  Products are still being phased out.
  4. Walmart, Kroger, Costco – unclear about their own mission and policies.  However, these are rather large retailers so it’ll take them awhile to change their policies and screen products.
  5. Macy’s – needs to expand its safer alternative products, right now only Origins seems to be endorsed.  It also doesn’t have a policy of screening bad ingredients from products and rejecting such products from being sold.  Also, stop it with the fragrance spraying in the stores.

Not endorsing Whole Foods or anything, but I love that store.  Like people always say, “you get what you pay for” and you pay for a lot at Whole Foods…I always feel that the products at Whole Foods is far superior than other places, but that’s not the point here.  The point here is to start paying more attention to your products and what you’re ingesting/applying in/on your bodies.  You don’t need a chemist to avoid toxic ingredients, you can educate yourself on reading labels and not just rely on claims.  Also, shop at retailers that are committed to a safety standard, and shop smarter with your products (i.e. simpler, fewer ingredients).

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My Sunday Dog (Carrying) Walking Outfit…

ruth crilly with dexter cockapoo

Spring is definitely here, it seems. The threat of late snows and roof-battering winds has passed and I am packing up my winter coats ready to take to the dry cleaners. (The secret of coat longevity, I have found, is to dry clean them at the end of every winter and then hang them up in one of those breathable cotton suit covers with a moth repeller sachet popped into the bottom or looped over the coat hanger. My Jil Sander coat is on its 10th year, this year, and still looks absolutely new, despite the fact that I have worn it to death! Dry cleaning always seems like one of those ridiculous unnecessary expenses, but I think it’s worth it to prolong the life of a good coat.)

Sunday saw me walking the dog around Marylebone, spending some time with my brother and his girlfriend before they caught the train home. Later that day I was red-carpetting at the Empire Film Awards (a totally different story) and so I wanted to be comfortable and casual – the calm before the storm, if you will. I wore my new Cargo Skirt from Hush – what a little gem this is! Made from light grey cotton, it has all the hardiness of a denim skirt but the fabric is so soft to the touch. And it has more of a stretch than denim, too – it’s nice and forgiving around the waistband, if you catch my drift. (Tested that aspect properly with a Sunday pub lunch!) You can find the skirt here at Hush – I have a size 10.

And what better to go with the casual skirt than a pair of bright and funky Supra trainers? These are pink-and-white polka dot Vaiders and walking in them is like walking with air-bags inflated around your feet – properly, properly cushdy. They are actually on loan for a shoot I’m doing, but a full purchase is on the cards. I love my Converse, but in terms of comfort, there’s no comparison!

ruth crilly model style blog

Surprise success of the whole winter has been my M&S coat. I don’t know whether you remember this tweedy biker jacket from last Autumn, but it has been quite the sartorial “dark horse”. It sat tucked away in the coat cupboard when the weather was chilly, but on every day with even the hint of sunshine, it came on out to be thrown over jeans or skirts as a much lighter alternative to the heavy black winter coat. So useful was this tweedy number that I actually have my eye on another M&S coat – again, quite casual in style and relaxed in fit, but this one is slightly shorter and looser. It’s called a “car coat” and you can see it here – let me know what you think. I might be having a complete moment of madness.

PS: I always feel like a total dick in sunglasses, but I am trying to wear them more. Post-30, the squinty-wrinkles definitely become more of an issue!

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Almonds: My Health and Beauty Snack Swap | AD

healthy snack almonds

Recently I wrote about my new healthy eating tips, or rules, that were part of my general diet overhaul. After a rather extended “babymoon”, in which I had been eating incredibly naughty things with the excuse that I needed extra calories for breastfeeding, I decided that enough was enough. The handfuls of Haribo and nightly chocolate ice-cream were all fun while they lasted, but I really need to get back into healthy habits and completely overhaul my diet.

And I realised that where I was most frequently falling down was with my snacking. I have an incredibly low tolerance level when it comes to hunger pangs and within ten minutes of feeling hungry will be tearing through the cupboards looking for the quickest fix. Pre-baby, I would put together a salad, maybe open a tin of sardines, toast a pitta bread to put them on, that kind of thing; but now that I have my bonny little companion on one hip I tend to make panicked choices and go for things like (more often than not) choc-chip cereal bars. So the biggest part of my diet overhaul has been to address the snacking situation and make sure I have things to hand that are portable and that don’t require any preparation or need to be refrigerated.

And of all the old staples I’ve bought back in and new snacks I’ve discovered, I think that almonds have been my most successful addition. I’ve been keeping helpings of them (one portion is about 28g) to hand so that whenever I get the urge to sniff out bad things I can munch on my almonds instead.

I thought that my snack swap would be really difficult, but actually, it’s been a breeze. Helped by the fact that I really like the taste of almonds, I suppose. There are loads of very tempting ways to jazz them up if you don’t want to eat them unadulterated but I haven’t even felt the need to do that yet! (Though probably by the time you read this post I’ll have done these Soy and Wasabi Almonds, because I’ve been out to buy the ingredients. Update: moreish. Very, very moreish. You can find loads of jazzing-up recipes on

It’s a bit of a no-brainer, swapping sugary cereal bars for handfuls of almonds, I know; I’ve just been doing a bit of Google research and the nutritional benefits are almost polar opposite! A portion of almonds has around 14% of your daily dietary fibre*, 10% of your calcium and is low in sugar (about a gram). My favourite type of cereal bar (I won’t embarrass myself by telling you exactly what it is!) is about the same weight as a serving of almonds and has 8g of sugar and 0.7g of fibre as well as nearly three times the amount of saturated fat. Oops.

And on a beauty level, almonds are packed with vitamin E – one portion has a whopping 60% of the recommended intake – as well as being a source of protein and zinc, essential for skin health. I’m beginning to see why so many beauty brands have skincare ranges marketed on almonds’ skin benefits – though I’d hazard a guess that consuming almonds is going to be a bit more effective than applying a cream that contains a very minimal, been-through-the-mill extract of them. (Or, in some cases, an artificial version of the fragrance, aka no benefit whatsoever. Though my Mum has always used sweet almond oil as a body treatment and has the skin of a baby, so that’s always a good – and inexpensive – one to look out for.)

It makes absolute sense that if you’re into your skin and hair products you take care of yourself from the inside too. In fact, it’s so much more important, though never quite so glamorous-feeling or swankily-packaged! I’m making a real effort at the moment to make good food choices and incorporate all of the right nutrients and vitamins into my diet, especially with my skin being slightly drier since having a baby and my hair trying to generally disassociate itself from my head. Swapping my bad snacks for almonds is – I think – probably the easiest and best change I’ve made so far!

If you’d like more information on almond snacking then there are loads of tips and recipes for jazzed-up-almonds at

*The nutritional information provided is all based on Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA’s) set by the EU. This post has been sponsored by the Almond Board of California.

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